Desktop 2013 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Desktop Articles for 2013

WD TV Play Review

The new WD TV Play gives WD's line of awesome media players a much-needed price cut.

Google Brings the Star Trek Computer to Your PC

Just announced at their yearly developer conference, Google introduced a new way for users to interact with the search giant's bank of information - using just your voice.

Microsoft Details Xbox One Revealing New Games and Price

After a TV and social media heavy reveal, Microsoft comes out firing on all cylinders with new games, exclusives, and the system's pricing.

Turtle Beach Announces New Wireless and Wired Headsets

Turtle Beach offers new headsets with strong portability designed to work across consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

SanDisk Connect Streams Movies and Music to TVs, PCs, iPhones, More

SanDisk's new line of Connect Wireless Drives let you stream your movies wherever you want - whether at home on your PC, or elsewhere, on your phone.

Asus Republic of Gamers Tytan G30 Preview

There's a new addition to the Asus Republic of Gamers Tytan line, and like most announcements at Computex Taipei, it includes an Intel Haswell fourth-gen CPU.

AMD Shipping ‘5 GHz’ Eight-Core FX-9590 CPUs

AMD announced the FX-9000 series back at E3, but this week, we're seeing them put to use in full systems.

Intel’s “Haswell” is Coming – Here’s why You Should Care

Every two years, Intel introduces a whole new architecture. Can they reinvent the x86...again?

Seagate Shows Off Big Hard Drives for Big Data: the 4TB Terascale

Seagate is pushing into big data in a big way - with new business-focused, 4TB hard drives and a competitor for Western Digital's VelociRaptor.

How to Bring the Start Button Back to Windows 8

Windows 8 is good - but some of us can't get past the lack of a Start button. Check out our list of programs that'll let you get it back.

Microsoft Office 2013 Can Only Be Installed Once and Never Reinstalled

Is Office 2013's new license meant to push customers to Office 365? Microsoft's new license terms for Office 2013 are not making consumers very happy due to some new very[...]

NVIDIA Brings Midrange Power with GeForce GTX 760 GPU

NVIDIA brings the battle to the midrange with the all-new, all-powerful, GeForce GTX 760.

Sony Reveals PS 4 with New Games and Pricing

Sony takes the fight directly to Microsoft, touting the PS 4's lower price point and an impressive array of games.

Acer Outs Android-Powered DA220HQL PC Monitor

First unveiled last month, and launched this week at MWC, Acer's new DA220HQL takes the standard PC monitor and adds a little Android touchscreen flair.

HP Slate 21 is an Android-Powered Desktop with Tegra 4

At an event in Beijing, HP just announced the new Slate 21, an all-in-one desktop powered not by Windows, but by Android.

Microsoft Shows Next-Gen Kinect for Windows at Build 2013

Microsoft has been producing a Kinect for Windows for some time now, and while we've yet to see many consumers take advantage, academics and other researchers are smitten. At BUILD,[...]

Hands on Video with Xi3 Piston, a Valve Steam Box

This Valve-endorsed PC is designed to run Steam games on your HDTV. Optimized for Big Picture mode, this tiny Titan may change PC gaming forever.

Now We’ve Got 4K TV, But What Will We Watch?

So you've bought a super hi-def 4K TV, but what're you going to watch? Upscaled 1080p content will only keep you satisfied for so long.

Buffalo Now Shipping LinkStation 400 Series

Buffalo announces the launch of its new line of LinkStation 400 Series network storage devices.

Portable Thumb Drive PCs Headed to Market Starting in July

Dell's Project Ophelia is set to release this July with reports of a competing Google "ChromeKey" device in the works.