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DDR4 Memory is Coming. Should You Care?

So our motherboards and memory sticks are all going to be obsolete again. What do we get for this mandatory migration?

Dell Vostro 260 Mini Review: Fairly-Priced Essential Business Desktop

The Dell Vostro 260 is an extremely affordable small business desktop. Dell states that the Vostro 260 is an "essential" machine, meaning it provides just the right amount of power[...]

HP Z220 SFF Workstation Review

HP's newest workstation is also one of its smallest. Can a workstation this tiny really live up to the power of its big brothers? We find out.

The Alienware X51: $699 of Alienware Gaming Glory

Tonight, Alienware revealed its smallest and most affordable gaming system yet - the Alienware X51, a mini-ITX desktop that promises to bring PC gaming to a whole new audience. Cheap[...]

ASUS ET2700 All-in-One Review: An Amazing Multimedia Experience

The ASUS ET2700 is the latest media-centric, all-in-one performance beast from the Taiwanese manufacturer. Since getting into the all-in-one game, each generation of ASUS computers has been better than the[...]

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z Review: A Business AIO With Style

The Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z is a business all-in-one PC best known for its "edge-to-edge" glossy glass surfaces and beautiful 21.5-inch full HD display. The Edge 91z is for businesses[...]

Dell XPS One 27 Hands On: The Apple iMac Better Watch Out

Dell's new XPS One 27 is a gorgeous piece of industrial design, and after getting to play around with it for a little bit, one thing is certain - it's[...]

Small Business Security Suite Showdown: Symantec Vs. Kaspersky

What's the best security suite for small business networks? In this in-depth comparative review, we pit Symantec vs. Kaspersky.

Lenovo M72e and M92p Tiny: The Best Small Desktops?

Today, Lenovo is unveiling their new M92p line of business-oriented desktops. The M92p seems like a reasonable new iteration of the past, but the M92p Tiny? It may be awesomely[...]

Hands on: Lenovo’s 10-Finger Multitouch IdeaCentre A720 (video)

There are a lot of touch-capable all-in-one desktops, and we've seen just about every one. Aside from HP's TouchSmart, they haven't been worth much. With Lenovo's new effort, that's all[...]

GDC 2012: Civilization V: Gods And Kings Expansion Changes The State Of Play

The upcoming Gods and Kings expansion pack for 2K's Civilization V doesn't just bring new units and civilizations, it changes how the game is played...and that's a good thing.

Microsoft Silverlight is Dead! Long Live Microsoft Silverlight?

It has been a concern of developers for some time now: will Silverlight 5, the latest release of Microsoft's answer to Adobe Flash, be the final version? Microsoft appears to[...]

AOC Releases i2757fh: the Cheapest 27-inch IPS Monitor?

Thanks to high-quality smartphone and tablet screens, IPS displays are more popular than ever. The high-quality, high-color panels have always been held back by price - until now.

HP Unveils Incredible New Z1 Workstation All-in-one *UPDATED*

At the 2012 HP Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas today, HP unveiled a revolutionary new all-in-one. The new HP Z1 Workstation packs in a 27-inch, 30-bit LCD, USB 3.0,[...]

Netgear R6300 Review: The World’s Fastest Router?

The first products based on the IEEE 802.11ac gigabit-wireless standard are now appearing. We put the first 1.3 Gbps device through a few tests to see what it can really[...]

PAX East 2012: Borderlands 2 Sticks to Its Guns

Borderlands 2, the sequel to the 2009 co-op FPS/RPG hybrid from Gearbox, doesn't stray far from the roots of its predecessor. But that may be the best decision Gearbox could[...]

CES2012: Lenovo Unveils IdeaCentre B340 and B540 All-in-ones and H520 Desktop

Lenovo took a pre-emptive shot at Zinio's new all-in-ones today with the release of a few of their own - the IdeaCentre B Series desktops might not be the visual[...]

PAX East 2012: Max Payne 3 Shootdodges Its Way Into Our Hearts

Style is the name of the game with Max Payne 3, as the game's demo at PAX East showed. Who would have thought it could be so easy to look[...]

They Got it Wrong – Intel Defends Claims of Xeon Phi Incompatibility

Intel has disputed claims on an enthusiast site that its new high-performance computing (HPC) accelerator card Xeon Phi breaks compatibility with CPU extensions, including 64-bit support. Enthusiast sites run contrary[...]

Hands On: HP’s Omni 27 – War of the Big Screen All-in-ones

HP introduced their first 27-inch all-in-one desktop, the HP Omni 27, late last year. As the second major company to introduce a big-screened all-in-one, the Omni 27 naturally invites comparisons[...]