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Popular Desktop Articles for 2011

Dell OptiPlex 990 Review

It isn't often that we turn to the business side of a PC manufacturer's product lineup to find the kind of design innovation that makes you sit up and take[...]

How to Download Microsoft Windows 7 for Free

There are times when you need a copy of Windows on hand to accomplish something. You might need to install a new Windows component, or boot to the OS disc[...]

Dell XPS 8300 Review

After acquiring Alienware, Dell transitioned the XPS brand into the Studio XPS, targeting it at more fashion-conscious consumers. Longtime fans heralded the return of the brand, but can XPS regain[...]

HP Compaq 8200 Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop Review

Although the desktop market isn't shrinking too fast these days, the desktops themselves are. Manufacturers are continually trying to pack desktop-level performance into smaller and smaller boxes - can HP's[...]

The Wait for 8: How to Download Windows 8 for Free and Install via USB/DVD

Windows 8 is Microsoft's next generation operating system. As we've seen, it's promising to change the look and feel of PCs, with its elegant Metro stylings and stunning new Start[...]

How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

Over the years, processor speed isn't the only thing that's risen as transistors have shrunk. So, too, has the average amount of memory in mainstream computers. We've come a long[...]

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) vs. External Hard Drives: Which One is Right for You?

Sometimes, when downloading a file or installing a new program, you suddenly realize that your hard drives are full. "Can I uninstall this or delete that?" Here's how to get[...]

PAX East: Hands-on With Star Wars: The Old Republic

It may have been under the radar for a bit after its initial announcement in 2008, but Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMORPG epic, was available to play at[...]

Lenovo IdeaCentre A700 Review

Lenovo's IdeaCentre A700 is the star of Lenovo's 'A' Series all-in-one lineup. Breathing down Apple's neck, can Lenovo succeed where others have failed and take over the all-in-one market through[...]

Lenovo Essential H320 Desktop Review

Just as Lenovo inches up on Apple's heels in the all-in-one market comes the release of their new small form factor consumer desktop, the H320. Focused on providing a solid[...]

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Review (Late 2010 Update)

Dell's little box that could has been humming along for a year now, offering Windows users a similar experience to the one that Mac Mini buyers have enjoyed. Replete with[...]

CES 2011: XPS is back! Dell Unveils the XPS 8300 Desktop

When Dell brought the XPS brand back recently with the new XPS 14, 15 and 17-inch laptops, a small wrong was righted; Dell mentioned that users had been clamoring for[...]

HP Compaq 4000 Pro Review

When it comes to outfitting your business with the proper equipment, a good desktop can be the foundation of the rest of your office. HP's 4000 Pro is designed to[...]

HP TouchSmart 610 Review

HP has been working on the TouchSmart line of products for some time now, and the refinement shown in the new TouchSmart 610 tells that story better than any commercial.[...]

Why Free-to-Play Games Like ‘DC Universe Online’ are Ruining Gaming

League of Legends. Firefall. DC Universe Online. Super Monday Night Combat. All great games, and all games that I have no intention whatsoever of playing, because the other similarity they[...]

HP TouchSmart 620 3D Review: HP’s New 3D, Multitouch King

This morning, HP unveiled the all-new TouchSmart 620 all-in-one computer. The 620 builds upon its predecessor with some impressive new features: a 3D-capable, 120Hz display and twin webcams. But is[...]

Dell Unveils Sleek New OptiPlex FX130, FX170 and OptiPlex 390 Desktops

This morning, Dell announced the latest updates to their thin client lineup with the OptiPlex FX130 and FX170. The new systems, not much bigger than an open hand, are less[...]

Logitech Z623 Speaker System Review

Logitech is known best for their outstanding performance computer mice as well as innovative concepts such as a solar-powered wireless keyboard. Their computer-centric speaker products are quite good, too, and[...]

Intel 2012 CPU Roadmap Leaked, Shows Release Schedule for Ivy Bridge

Another month, and another Intel roadmap! It's not uncommon to see these pop up two or three times a year, giving us some idea of when we can expect to[...]

HP 100B All-in-one Review

While Lenovo's attractive ThinkCentre Edge M91z may have stolen the limelight this week with its attractive edge-to-edge glass, it's definitely not the only game in town. HP is looking to[...]