Communications/Networks 2010 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Communications/Networks Articles for 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Review: What’s New in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 includes some radical new features never before seen in a Microsoft email client. But are these new bells and whistles enough to keep the old mail workhorse in[...]

ooVoo Video Conferencing Review

ooVoo is a client and service that allows you to chat online with other people over your webcam and microphone -- largely for free. Does ooVoo have what it takes[...]

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Review — What’s New in PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 boasts some major improvements over previous versions of Microsoft's presentation software, but are these changes enough to justify purchasing Office 2010? We break it down in this[...]

Adobe Acrobat X Review

Adobe Acrobat is the only full-featured app for truly editing PDF files, but is the new Acrobat X -- and it's accompanying version of reader-- worth the cost of an[...]

Free VoIP Showdown: Google Voice vs. Skype 5 Beta

Today we tackle two free VoIP services -- Google Voice and Skype 5 beta -- in a comparison review. Find out which online phone replacement packs the biggest bang for[...]

RockMelt Social Browser Review

Hot on the heels of Flock comes another social networking web browser, the currently invite-only RockMelt. Unfortunately, if you read the Flock review, you already know how this story ends.

Flock Social Browser Review

The Flock browser is an offshoot of Google Chrome designed exclusively for social networking. Are the tweaks worthwhile, or is this just another solution in search of a problem? We[...]

Opera 11 Alpha Review

Opera 11 alpha release is the old-school browser's bid to return to the mainstream. Does it have what it take to unseat Chrome, Firefox and IE, or is Opera 11[...]

Tinychat Videoconferencing Review

Tinychat takes videoconferencing back to the chatroom days of the ancient 1990s. Is this a welcome splash of retrofuturism, or just a design concept well past its prime? We break[...]

Tokbox Videoconferencing Review

Tokbox aims itself clearly at the free consumer videoconferencing market, which sounds like an oxymoron. Is Tokbox really a paradigm-breaking success, or a solution in search of a problem? We[...]

TubeMogul Video Upload Service Review

TubeMogul is pretty simple: upload your video to them, and they spider it out to just about every social media site under the sun. Does TubeMogul multiply your video exposure,[...]

Online Photosharing Site Roundup

There are literally dozens of photo-sharing websites available today, but which offer the best features for your particular image-based ambitions? We compare DeviantArt, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa Web Albums, and SmugMug[...]

Best Firefox Shopping Add-ons — A Holiday 2010 Guide

Firefox is famous for offering add-ons that improve the web browser but few users think to customize Firefox to make holiday shopping easier. We offer up a list of the[...]

Paltalk Videoconferencing Review

Paltalk bills itself as the ultimate all-in-one IM client, but is it really ready to displace your favorite instant messenger and video chat apps? We break it down in this[...]

Best Chrome Extensions for Holiday Shoppers

The holiday shopping season is fast upon us and many of us will be stuffing stockings with items purchased online. Fortunately, Google Chrome has a plethora of extensions that make[...]

Professional Video Sharing Web Site Roundup

There are plenty of sites out there that let you publish and share videos online, but precious few of those sites help earn money off your cinematic efforts. Which video[...]