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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Review: What’s New in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 includes some radical new features never before seen in a Microsoft email client. But are these new bells and whistles enough to keep the old mail workhorse in[...]

Microsoft Office 365 Review

Microsoft is previewing the first home edition of its Office 365 online suite. Is Home Premium for you, or should you buy Office 13 instead? Read the full review.

ooVoo Video Conferencing Review

ooVoo is a client and service that allows you to chat online with other people over your webcam and microphone -- largely for free. Does ooVoo have what it takes[...]

Top Five PC Software Applications for School or Office

Here are five of the hottest software packages for PCs and Mac for August 2012. Categories include office suites, graphics, storage, videoconferencing and cool tools.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Review — What’s New in PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 boasts some major improvements over previous versions of Microsoft's presentation software, but are these changes enough to justify purchasing Office 2010? We break it down in this[...]

PDANet: Notebook Broadband for Smartphone Users

Broadband wireless networking is more popular than ever as more and more consumers want to access the internet from any location. But what if you're already paying an expensive monthly[...]

Adobe Acrobat X Review

Adobe Acrobat is the only full-featured app for truly editing PDF files, but is the new Acrobat X -- and it's accompanying version of reader-- worth the cost of an[...]

Free VoIP Showdown: Google Voice vs. Skype 5 Beta

Today we tackle two free VoIP services -- Google Voice and Skype 5 beta -- in a comparison review. Find out which online phone replacement packs the biggest bang for[...] Review: Microsoft Vs. Google

Microsoft's new email service is an upper crust cousin to the old But can it outperform Gmail?

PlayLater Software Review: A PC ‘DVR’ for Netflix & Hulu?

PlayLater lets you use a PC to record streaming video from the Web and play back TV shows and movies when you want. How well does it work? Here's our[...]

Dropbox Online Filesharing Review

Dropbox is an online service allows you to share files online, sidestepping the file size limitations that e-mail, IM, and online document-sharing services put in place. Is Dropbox really the[...]

Back to School: Video Chat Makes the Grade from PCs to Smartphones

Video chat is no longer just the stuff of Dick Tracy fiction. With options for face-to-face communications from PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android smartphones, which video chat options are your[...]

Carbonite Review: Cloud Backup

Don't want to lose your PC data? Carbonite is one of the best solutions for cloud backup.

Is Outlook 2010 the Facebook-killer? Not yet.

Microsoft is going to war with Facebook. That's the hidden message in the launch of the Outlook Social Provider, a surprisingly un-Microsoft-like feature debuting in the beta release of MS[...]

RockMelt Social Browser Review

Hot on the heels of Flock comes another social networking web browser, the currently invite-only RockMelt. Unfortunately, if you read the Flock review, you already know how this story ends.

With Steve Jobs Gone, How Will Apple’s Software Fare Vs. Windows 8 & Android?

Apple's remaining management team now inherits two aspects of Steve Jobs' legacy: profoundly successful previous products, plus an ongoing embracement of change.

Flock Social Browser Review

The Flock browser is an offshoot of Google Chrome designed exclusively for social networking. Are the tweaks worthwhile, or is this just another solution in search of a problem? We[...]

Opera 11 Alpha Review

Opera 11 alpha release is the old-school browser's bid to return to the mainstream. Does it have what it take to unseat Chrome, Firefox and IE, or is Opera 11[...]

Tinychat Videoconferencing Review

Tinychat takes videoconferencing back to the chatroom days of the ancient 1990s. Is this a welcome splash of retrofuturism, or just a design concept well past its prime? We break[...]

UltraVNC Review

UltraVNC is a free Windows-to-Windows remote control application supporting file transfers, clipboard synchronization, chat sessions, and a wide range of connection options. Is UltraVNC a steal, or just more freeware[...]