CES2011 2010 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular CES2011 Articles for 2010

CES 2011: Top three hot topics

With CES 2011 just around the corner, make sure you get a preview of some of the hottest printer trends to hit the show floor this January in Las Vegas![...]

CES 2011: Will Windows 8 Run on Tegra?

Rumors are flying hard and fast that Microsoft's next iteration of their operating system is being ported to run on top of ARM-based hardware (the chips which provide the brains[...]

CES 2011: Toshiba to Showcase Glasses-free 3D

3D has been one of the major buzzwords in 2010, and for good reason: this year has, perhaps unsurprisingly, seen the release of more 3D-enabled movies and video games than[...]

Samsung introduces new printers, toner

Samsung announced the addition of two new compact laser printers that will be using Samsung's brand new Polymerized Chemical Toner, creating high-gloss images with less image destruction.