Asus 2005 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Asus Articles for 2005

Asus V6V Review (pics, specs)

Even though it has a 15.1" screen, close to the standard 15.4" notebook screen, the Asus V6000V series is marketed as being thin-and-light. At 5.49 lbs the V6V fits[...]

Asus Z71v Review (pics, specs)

I had been researching a notebook purchase for over a year before I found the Asus Z71v. I wanted something that had a fairly large screen, preferably widescreen, had[...]

Asus W3V Review (pics, specs)

The Asus W3V is a jack-of-all-trades notebook. It combines portablility (5 lbs), power (Sonoma 1.86 Ghz CPU 533mhz FSB, ATi X600 64mg), and beauty (aluminum and carbon fiber casing) into[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook E8020 Review (pics, specs)

The LifeBook E8020D is Fujitsu's latest 15" screen Sonoma notebook. It offers the same graphics card as the Asus W3V, while at the same time, is lighter than the[...]

Asus A6Va Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The Asus A6Va is a 15.4" widescreen notebook featuring a Pentium M 1.86GHz processor and ATI X700 128MB graphics card. The A6Va is very well built, has a conservative[...]

IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

I needed a new laptop for school and having been an Apple user for many years it was tough news when I heard I had to use a PC. [...]

Asus M5n Review (pics, specs)

First laptops are always tricky things to decide on. You can take weeks or even months (or in my case close to a year) to decide to purchase a[...]

Asus W2v Review (pics, specs)

The Asus W2v is a 17" screen notebook designed as a full fledged multimedia machine, and as such includes the Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 OS. The W2v packs[...]

ASUS Z70Va Review (pics, specs)

The ASUS z70va is a laptop that suits students as a mobile desktop replacement -- with a fast Pentium M processor, 15.4" WXGA 1680 x 1280 matte screen, under 6.5[...]

Asus W5A Review (pics, specs)

The Asus W5A has a lot going for it, and in my opinion it is one of the best looking portable notebooks available. It is sleek, thin, lightweight, has[...]

News Bits: 19″ – 20″ Screen Laptops, XPS M140 / Inspiron 710m, nVidia Go 7300

19-inch Screen Laptops, Maybe -- But 20-inch Screen Laptops?New Dell XPS M140 and Inspiron 710m Coming SoonNew NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 Shows Up in New Asus MachinesNew Toshiba Satellite M70[...]

Asus W3V Notebook Review (pics, specs)

My current notebook is an ASUS W3V. Asus lists this notebook as a "Thin and Light" on their website, and this 14" 5.5 lb machine certainly fits the description.[...]

ASUS W2v and Z83 Review and Comparison (pics, specs)

The Asus W2v and Asus Z83v are both 17" notebook models designed to be used as mobile media centers. Following is a review and comparison of these two machines.

Asus W3V Review (pics, specs)

The Asus W3V is a 14" widescreen notebook that features an ATI X600 dedicated graphics card and Intel Pentium M 1.86GHz for amazing performance in a thin-and-light style notebook. [...]

Asus Z70v Review (pics, specs)

I'm extremely pleased with my Asus Z70v. It's the best notebook I've ever owned. I wouldn't recommend it if you're in the market for a big, graphics devouring, desktop replacement[...]

Asus Z33a Review (pics, specs)

I am extremely pleased with the Asus Z33a. Even though it is very compact it is still very usable. I integrated it into my work/life immediately without an issue. Frankly,[...]

Asus M9V Review (pics, specs)

The Asus M9V is a recent release into the marketplace, billed as an all-in-one at just under 2Kg (4.33lbs) it also fits into the thin and light category and presumably[...]

News Bits: Wal Mart $398 HP Notebook?, Dell Gives up Price War, Dell Orders from Asus, Atlanta Wi-Fi

Wal Mart $398 HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook on November 25?Dell to Give Up on Price War -- Says New Focus on Higher Prices and Higher End Products Will Cut Into[...]

Asus Z63a Review (pics, specs)

Upon commencing my search for a laptop a little over one month ago, I had no idea how difficult the process would be and how overwhelming it would sometimes feel.[...]

News Bits: Leather Laptops, Asus Turion 64, Pentium M Prices, USB Stick TV Tuner, ExpressCard

Leather Laptops?Asus A6000K Turion 64 NotebookIntel Intends to cut Prices on the Pentium M to Compete with AMD Turion 64TV Tuner in a USB Stick FormatExpress Card Options Showing Up