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The Alienware X51: $699 of Alienware Gaming Glory

Tonight, Alienware revealed its smallest and most affordable gaming system yet - the Alienware X51, a mini-ITX desktop that promises to bring PC gaming to a whole new audience. Cheap[...]

CES2012: Lenovo IdeaCentre K430 Hits Gaming Head On

Dell has Alienware, HP has the new Phoenix...sort of...and boutique manufacturers like Origin PC, Falcon Northwest and AVA Direct push their own gaming platforms. But...Lenovo? Yeah, Lenovo. The new IdeaCentre[...]

Alienware X51 First Look Review: The Next Generation of PC Gaming

When Alienware recently introduced their X51 gaming system, gamers were taken aback. It was small. It was affordable. It was an Alienware!? Can a computer so approachable really deserve that[...]