Alienware 2011 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Alienware Articles for 2011

Dell XPS 8300 Review

After acquiring Alienware, Dell transitioned the XPS brand into the Studio XPS, targeting it at more fashion-conscious consumers. Longtime fans heralded the return of the brand, but can XPS regain[...]

Dell XPS 8300: XPS is Back – and It’s a Class Act

Dell's XPS 8300 represents a return of the XPS brand for the Round Rock computer giant. Left to die by the wayside after Dell acquired Alienware, the XPS brand is[...]

BLOG: The Riippa Report – Guild Wars 2 Gets Thieves, Release Date

NCsoft and ArenaNet unleashed another Guild Wars 2 demo at PAX East, honoring the Norn race and the previously unveiled thief and guardian professions, at the Alienware, NVIDIA, and Logitech[...]

CES 2011: Dell Upgrades Gaming to Sandy Bridge with the Alienware Aurora

At CES this week, Dell unveiled the revamped Alienware Aurora desktops, offering users the chance to buy into the Alienware brand and snag some Sandy Bridge love. As of[...]