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Dell Inspiron 580s Review

High-end Alienware rigs are nice, but they're not where the Round Rock computer giant makes all of its money. The value-centric Inspiron desktop line has always been a consistently strong[...]

Alienware Aurora ALX Review

Alienware's new Aurora ALX is one of the four new offerings in Dell's rebranded gaming desktop line. Replete with temperature-sensing fins, impressive branding, top-of-the-line components and most importantly a cool[...]

Dell Studio XPS 8100 Review

Adding a touch of sophistication to the more affordable Inspiron lines, Dell's Studio segment offers an option to mainstream users who want a little more - without having to spend[...]

Dell XPS 8300 Review

After acquiring Alienware, Dell transitioned the XPS brand into the Studio XPS, targeting it at more fashion-conscious consumers. Longtime fans heralded the return of the brand, but can XPS regain[...]

Alienware Area-51 ALX Review

The Alienware Area-51 ALX represents Alienware's top-of-the-line offering. With a starting price tag of more than two thousand dollars, the Area-51 ALX packs together multiple GPUs, heat sensing fins, fat[...]

Alienware Area-51 x58 Review

Alienware is known throughout the tech community for their extravagant systems. While they've tried to tone it down in recent years, so as to appeal to a wider range[...]

The Alienware X51: $699 of Alienware Gaming Glory

Tonight, Alienware revealed its smallest and most affordable gaming system yet - the Alienware X51, a mini-ITX desktop that promises to bring PC gaming to a whole new audience. Cheap[...]

Alienware OptX AW2210 LCD Review

Alienware is a controversial brand. They often deliver high performing products, but there's also an accompanying high price tag. One of the ways they try to stand out is through[...]

NEC releases curved Alienware monitor before Alienware does

NEC took the wraps off their new curved display, which looks awfully similar to the one Alienware has been hinting at for some time.

Dell Studio XPS 9100 Offers Six-Core Intel CPUs, Radeon HD 5970

Even though Dell's been offering six-core systems for some time, now, either in the AMD-powered Studio XPS 7100 or the Intel-friendly Alienware gaming rigs, the new Studio XPS 9100 brings[...]

Alienware Announces New Alienware 13 R3, 15 R3, & 17 R4 Notebooks

Alienware has taken the wraps off its refreshed line of gaming notebooks, including the Alienware 13 R3, 15 R3, and 17 R4. The models start at $999, and are slated[...]

Alienware introduces new Area-51 and Aurora desktops (hands-on)

For the longest time, Alienware's image has been associated with their case design, a stylized retro-futuristic art deco brand that looks like a cross between a steam engine and a[...]

Alienware Area-51 790i Review

Alienware has always had a reputation for catering to the enthusiast end of the PC market. They try to differentiate themselves from other computer manufacturers by offering high-end components[...]

Dell Announces Huge 2015 Lineup

Dell just unveiled its 2015 lineup, including new Alienware laptops.

CES2012: Lenovo IdeaCentre K430 Hits Gaming Head On

Dell has Alienware, HP has the new Phoenix...sort of...and boutique manufacturers like Origin PC, Falcon Northwest and AVA Direct push their own gaming platforms. But...Lenovo? Yeah, Lenovo. The new IdeaCentre[...]

Dell XPS 8300: XPS is Back – and It’s a Class Act

Dell's XPS 8300 represents a return of the XPS brand for the Round Rock computer giant. Left to die by the wayside after Dell acquired Alienware, the XPS brand is[...]

Logitech Launches New Gaming Keyboard, Wireless Gaming Mouse, Wireless 7.1 Headset

Logitech is no stranger to gaming peripherals, they've had dedicated gaming keyboards and mice for some time, now. They also provide the stock for Alienware's setup, rebadging their popular G15[...]

BLOG: The Riippa Report – Guild Wars 2 Gets Thieves, Release Date

NCsoft and ArenaNet unleashed another Guild Wars 2 demo at PAX East, honoring the Norn race and the previously unveiled thief and guardian professions, at the Alienware, NVIDIA, and Logitech[...]

CES 2011: Dell Upgrades Gaming to Sandy Bridge with the Alienware Aurora

At CES this week, Dell unveiled the revamped Alienware Aurora desktops, offering users the chance to buy into the Alienware brand and snag some Sandy Bridge love. As of[...]

Gaming Laptop for Marine, Alienware’s Decline, & More from the Forums

The NotebookReview forum is still the best place to go for notebook buying advice and discussions. Recently, forum members discussed gaming rigs for service members, the state of Alienware, and[...]