Acer 2003 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Acer Articles for 2003

Acer foresees boom in laptop sales

Taiwan's largest personal computer maker, Acer, said on Wednesday that notebook PC shipments will rise as much as 40 percent in the fourth quarter, with similar growth next year, as[...]

Acer to Battle Dell in Direct Sales – Targets $10 Billion by 2006

Taiwan-based Acer said yesterday it will battle Dell and other giant rivals on sales of IT products with a new channel business model that can help Acer garner 40% growth[...]

Acer and Microsoft to Jointly Promote Table PCs

Acer and Microsoft will jointly call a meeting early this month to discuss and set strategies to further promote sales of Tablet PCs around the world, according to sources at[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals 10/27

HP: HP zt3000 notebook PentiumM-1.4GHz 15.4in 256MB 30GB $1092 shipped AR Dell Biz: Latitude D500 notebook Centrino 1.3GHz CDRW 802.11b/g $949 shipped AR Overstock: refurb eMachines M5405 laptop[...]