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Steve Jobs: His Life, His Death, And What It Means For Apple

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., died Wednesday at the age of 56. From pioneering the modern GUI to the introduction of the iPad, Jobs made a career out[...]

With Steve Jobs Gone, How Will Apple’s Software Fare Vs. Windows 8 & Android?

Apple's remaining management team now inherits two aspects of Steve Jobs' legacy: profoundly successful previous products, plus an ongoing embracement of change.

Forum Members Speak Out on Apple Future After Jobs

Steve Jobs may be gone but Apple is still considered the leader of the pack when it comes to consumer technology. Our discussion forum members have some interesting things to[...]

One More Thing: Is An Apple Television Steve Jobs’ Final Act?

Under Steve Jobs, Apple created the most popular desktop, the most popular notebook, the most popular music player, the most popular cell phone and the most popular tablet. Is the[...]