AMD 2012 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular AMD Articles for 2012

Samsung Series 5 Review: AMD at its Best

If you want an Ultrabook but don't want to spend $900 or more then Samsung might have the perfect solution: The AMD-powered Samsung Series 5 ultrathin notebook.

AMD A10-4600M Review: A Closer Look At AMD’s “Trinity”

We finished our in-depth look at AMD's latest "Accelerated Processing Unit" (APU) technology. Code named "Trinity" this complex processor combines a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processor (GPU)[...]

HP ENVY Sleekbook 6z Review: Is Being Thin Enough?

This 15.6-inch AMD-powered notebook is 8/10ths of an inch thin, weighs less than five pounds and gets almost eight hours of battery life. That's mighty impressive ... but read our[...]

HP Ultrabooks, Sleekbooks Hands On: Wait, What’s a Sleekbook?

HP's recent launch event proved to be one of the biggest in the company's long history. One interesting announcement was HP's new Ultrabook rival, the Sleekbook. Can further dividing the[...]

Samsung’s Eight Windows 8 PCs Include Ultrabooks

Eight Windows PCs previewed by Samsung this week will include two new ultrabooks, plus new editions of the Series 3 and Series 7 notebooks updated for Windows 8.

AMD Radeon HD 7970M Now Available

The much-anticipated AMD Radeon HD 7970M is now available and should be shipping in 2-3 weeks according to AVADirect, who is offering it in two of their notebooks.

Hands On with HP’s Spring Refresh: New Pavilions, EliteBooks, Ultrabooks and More

HP took the wraps off of their Spring releases today, with almost no notebook, desktop or display safe. We spent some hands on time with HP's new products and got[...]

MSI GX60 Gaming Notebook Announced

MSI has unveiled its upcoming MSI GX60 notebook, targeting gamers who are interested in portability without sacrificing on gaming performance ... using the latest AMD technology.

What Different Windows 8 Flavors Will We See?

Microsoft is playing up Win8 PC/tablet "interoperability," while barely acknowledging differences sure to arise in various versions of the OS. What do analysts say?

AMD Radeon HD 8000M-series GPUs Revealed

After the Vivobook first leaked yesterday, AMD has officially revealed its AMD Radeon HD 8000M-Series. The new GPUs will offer AMD's latest 27nm GCN along with a slew of premium[...]

CeBIT 2012 Day 3: New GPUs for New and Old Gamers

CeBIT is one of the more solemn technology trade shows one can attend, with the Gaming Pavilion as a notable exception. Check out some of the hottest new gaming products[...]

Asus Vivobook Reported to Offer next-gen AMD Radeon HD 8000 mobile graphics

AMD hasn't said much about its upcoming line of AMD Radeon HD 8000 graphics cards. However, it appears that the cat may be out of the bag thanks to a[...]

AMD Revamps Entire FirePro Graphics Lineup: $3999 W9000, $1599 W8000, More

We saw AMD show off the new lineup of workstation FirePro graphics cards earlier this summer, but the full range is only now officially available. After an extended hiatus, the[...]

CES2012: Nintendo Planning Vastly Improved App Store for Wii U

Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii U, won't be available for purchase for at least another six months. Despite this, details have surfaced about a rumored new app store for the[...]

AMD Outs New Quad-Core FX-4130 CPU, Slashes Prices On Others

Today, AMD introduced a new quad-core FX-4130 CPU for just $112, while simultaneously cutting prices across the board on the rest of its processors.

Requiem for AMD: Is AMD Dying? Can it Be Saved?

Sales continue to fall and analysts have soured. What's left for the firm?

AMD Sneaks Out Two New Llano-Based Athlon II X4 CPUs

AMD brings more Llano to the Athlon II X4s with this latest (and quietest) release: the Athlon II X4 638 and the Athlon II X4 641. The chipmaker decided to[...]

AMD’s Piledriver CPUs: 8-Core Chips, FX-8350, More

Today, AMD is pushing out its new Piledriver chips, hoping that the price/performance ratio convinces people to skip over Intel and choose AMD instead.

AMD Signs Deal with ARM, Promises 64-bit ARM Hybrid Computers

AMD announced that it had reached a deal with ARM to license that latter's 64-bit CPU designs to create a new server due out by early 2014.