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Notebook/Laptop Articles for August of 2006

Below are the 63 Notebook/Laptop articles for August of 2006

Dell to Launch AMD Based Notebooks for the Holiday Season

According to sources in Taiwan, where a majority of the worlds notebooks are designed and manufactured, Dell notebooks will roll off of the manufacturing line with AMD Turion X2 processors[...]

Acer TravelMate 2400

The stylish Acer TravelMate 2400 Series is a lightweight, value-driven work instrument designed to provide maximum efficiency and increased productivity for professional users from small and medium businesses and self[...]

Sager NP9750V Review (pics, specs)

Sager Notebooks call themselves "The Portable Power People". This is right on, as Sager provides some of the strongest, most powerful notebooks around. As a bonus, they provide these colossal[...]

Most Popular Notebooks of July 2006

Each month we compile data for the number of times a particular notebook is viewed on this sites product pages to get an idea for what mainstream consumers are looking[...]

Samsung X60 Studentbook Review (pics, specs)

The Samsung X60 "Studentbook" is a notebook sold by Samsung in Germany targeted specifically at students. With its thin design but ample sized 15.4" screen the portable and powerful[...]

News Bits: MacBook Wireless Hijack Demo, Intel Centrino Driver Updates, XPS M1710 Tested with Core 2 Duo

Wireless MacBook Attack Demo at Black Hat 2006 Security ConferenceLenovo Tops Q2 Shipments of Notebooks in ChinaToshiba to close Fab in GermanyIntel Releases Centrino Security UpdatesDell XPS M1710 Tested with[...]

HP dv2000t Review (pics, specs)

HP's dv2000t is the "next generation" of the aging dv1000 series. Because of its 14.1" widescreen LCD, 1"-1.5" thickness, and 5.4 lbs, the dv2000t is portable and large[...]

News Bits: Core 2 Duo Benchmarks, New Verizon EVDO for ExpressCard Slots, XPS M2010 Reviewed

Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 performance benchmarksVerizon Wireless ships ExpressCard EV-DO cardAsustek notebook profits to increase in 2006AirDefense announces Mobile 4.0, the most powerful laptop-based 802.11 wireless analysis toolDell XPS[...]

Dell Inspiron 6400 Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Inspiron 6400 (also sold as the Inspiron e1505 via Dell Home) is a laptop that meets you in the middle'. It's pretty light and portable (like the Inspiron[...]

Acer Aspire 5102WLMi Review (pics, specs)

The Acer Aspire 5102 WLMi is a new 15.4-inch widescreen home/office multimedia notebook featuring the AMD Turion64 x2 processor. This notebook is easy to find in just about any[...]

Toshiba Satellite P105-S921 Review (pics, specs)

The Toshiba Satellite P105-S921 17" widescreen laptop features the Intel Core Duo processor, the nVidia Go 7900GS graphics card and a huge 160GB hard drive. Following is a full[...]

Several Dell Notebooks to Get Core 2 Duo Option

A couple of Core 2 Duo related items have appeared on the Dell website over the weekend. On the Dell UK site the XPS M1210 / M1710 / M2010[...]

Acer TravelMate 2428 Review — A Look at What You Get With a Budget Laptop These Days (pics, specs)

In this review of the Acer TravelMate 2428 the author looks at what you get for a $500 notebook these days and what it can do. Also reviewed is[...]

Sager NP6630

Sager 5760

News Bits: Laptop Takeover by Wi-Fi Video, Asustek Eyes Gigabyte, Core 2 Duo Benchmarks, Models Like Macs

MacBook hacker lessons with videoAsustek could merge with GigabyteCore Duo vs. Core 2 Duo comparisonMerom-based notebooks to support Nvidia SLImore...

Zepto Znote 6214W Review (pics, specs)

Zepto is a European notebook manufacturer that's getting noticed for some of its recent intriguing notebook offerings. Following is a review of the Zepto Znote 6214W -- a 14.1"[...]

Compal HGL-30 Review (pics, specs)

The Compal HGL30 is a 14.1" screen laptop designed to give you power on the go via dedicated nVidia graphics and an Intel Core Duo processor. It may not[...]

News Bits: Acer moves to #3, Dell Confirms AMD Notebooks, HP dv9000z Now Available

Acer ranks third in notebook shipments in Q2Dell confirms AMD-based notebooks for OctoberWhite-box notebook share declines 14.5% worldwideHP dv9000z 17-inch screen dual core AMD Turion notebook now availableHow to not[...]

Dell Latitude D420 Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Latitude D420 is a 12.1" ultra-portable notebook designed to succeed both the Latitude X1 and the Latitude D410. In an effort to simplify its ultramobile product line, Dell[...]

Gateway NX560

Discover the next generation in notebook performance with the new NX560 Series. Inside, you’ll find an Intel Core Duo Processor and Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology for a dramatic boost[...]

Gateway NX860

Cutting-edge technology makes this notebook practically bionic. Our top-of-the-line NX860 Series is powered by an Intel Core Duo Processor and Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology for a dramatic boost in[...]

Gateway NX260

When you’re on the go, count on the versatility of the supercharged NX260X. It’s powered by an Intel Core Duo Processor and Intel Centrino Duo for unprecedented mobile performance. The[...]

Dell Inspiron e1705 as a Gaming Notebook with nVidia Go 7900GS (pics, specs)

The following article is a review of the Dell Inspiron e1705 with the nVidia Go 7900GS graphics card and a look at this laptop as a gaming machine.

News Bits: Apple MacBook Merom Upgrade, Quanta Lags, AMD Dell Notebooks with ATI Graphics

Apple MacBook to get early Merom upgrade?Quanta posts weak on-year revenue growth in July compared to other top-four notebook makersAMD-based Dell notebooks to have ATI graphicsFirefox 2.0 Beta 2 delayedWhat[...]

Sony VAIO Network Media Receiver Review


LG S1 Review (pics, specs)

The LG S1 is an award winningly stylish 15.4" screen notebook with a top end Core Duo processor and fast ATI X1600 graphics. Following is a full review of[...]

News Bits: Tech Support Survey, Widescreen ThinkPad T Series, Dell Sued in China, Laptops on UK Flights

Widescreen Lenovo ThinkPad T-series later this yearTech Support showdownDell sued over false ad campaigns in ChinaBaggage advice for UK passengersmore...

Dell Issues Major Battery Recall — 4.1 Million Customers Affected

Dell has issued a major recall of 4.1 million batteries manufactured by Sony. Under rare conditions these batteries can overheat and cause risk of fire. However, many people[...]

Lenovo Announces Linux Support for ThinkPad T60p

Lenovo today has announced certification and support for Linux on two of its ThinkPad T60p configuration laptops. The T60p will not come preloaded with Linux, it will instead have[...]

HP dv2000t and dv1000 Comparison

Recently I upgraded laptops. My old laptop is an HP Pavilion dv1000, and I upgraded to HP's new DV2000t. I got a great deal on the new one and found[...]


The LG S1 is a 15.4″ screen notebook with a Core Duo processor and ATI X1600 graphics. It got a Red Dot award for its styling.

Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag Review

My choice for a new bag came down first to a messenger bag. I was tired of all the backpacks I've owned and just wanted a change. I was then[...]

News Bits: Asus Lambo Launch for U.S., Turion X2 Demand Grows, Wait Times for Dell Battery Replacements, Core 2 Duo in VAIOs

Asus to announce availability of Lamborghini notebookDemand for AMD Turion 64 X2 growing fast75-day deliver time for some recalled Dell batteriesCore 2 Duo showing up in Sony notebooks

HP Compaq nc6400 Review (pics, specs)

This is a review of HP Compaq nc6400, a thin-and-light 14.1" widescreen notebook in the business line. Its light-weight and features match those of a comparable ThinkPad Z61t.

A Petition to Intel to Make Low Voltage Processors Upgradeable

Intel currently does not produce their low voltage and ultra low voltage processors in a way that they could be upgraded in the future -- the processors are soldered to[...]

Logitech v450 Notebook Mouse Review and Comparison to v200

Logitech, for many years, has created top quality mice among other things. Currently their best portable notebook mouse is the v450, which only recently came out. Having used the ever-reliable[...]

News Bits: Dell Confirms AMD PCs, $100 Laptop in Thailand, Merom Power Consumption

Dell confirms AMD-based computersThai children first to get $100 laptopYonah could be better than Merom for notebooks for power consumptionAcer could outpace Toshiba in global notebook ranking in 2006more...

Acer Aspire 5112WLMi Review (pics, specs)

This is a review of the Acer Aspire 5112WLMI model, part of the Acer Aspire 5110 series. This is a 15.4" widescreen notebook with an AMD Turion X2 processor.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z61t Review (pics, specs)

This is a review for the new 14.1 widescreen ThinkPad Z61t with titanium cover. The Z61t is the update to the newer widescreen Z series of ThinkPads. It sports Intel's[...]

Sony Releases VAIO FJ290 Funkadelic Design and Customizable Notebooks

Sony has released some funkadelic designed VAIO FJ notebooks featuring the following lid design optional configurations: Pink Feather, Orange Flower, Green Flower, Orange Burst, Blue Burst. The VAIO[...]

News Bits: Dell Orders AMD Notebooks, Asus Unveils New Notebooks, If Laptops Were Banned on Flights

Dell puts in order of AMD-based notebooks and desktopsAsus rolls out Core 2 Duo F2, V1, and R1F notebooksDell and Sony knew about battery flaws for some timeIf laptops were[...]

Toshiba Satellite R25 Tablet PC Notebook Convertible Review (pics, specs)

The Satellite R25 is Toshiba's latest convertible Core Duo, high res, widescreen tablet PC. Its low price means it's aimed at the general consumer market including students as well as[...]

Kensington Combination Notebook Lock Review

How would your life change if your laptop was stolen? Do you have family photos on it from your last vacation that haven't been backed up yet? Do you have[...]

Lenovo C100 as a Budget Vacation Laptop Review (pics, specs)

I was leaving for a family vacation, and needed a basic computer that was cheap for going through airport security, tossed around on a plane, and used daily out on[...]

News Bits: ThinkPad T60 with Cingular Wireless, New Intel Wireless Driver Memory Leaks, Qantas Curtails Dell Laptops

Lenovo unveils first Cingular-enabled ThinkPadNew Centrino drivers cause massive memory leaksQantas Airlines curtailing Dell laptop usage onboard flightsRock's Pegasus T12 15.4" notebook released with claimed 7 hour battery life

Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Batteries for iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 Notebooks

Last week Dell, this week Apple. The recall of 1.8 million batteries for Apple is actually a larger percentage of sold computers than Dell who is the #1 seller[...]

Toshiba Satellite A100 / Satellite A105 Review (pics, specs)

This is a review of the Toshiba Satellite A105 and A100 notebook offerings. For a few weeks now the Toshiba Satellite A100/A105 has topped the most popular[...]

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 Flash Drive Review

Most people these days carry a USB flash drive around with them. For laptop users they've become as much a commodity as say sugar or oil. Flash drives[...]

Current Notebook and Tech Deals (Updated 8/26/2006)

20% Off $999+ Coupon Code for Dell Inspiron notebooks HOT!$200 Off Coupon Code for HP Pavilion Notebooks at HOT!Dell Latitude D520 Dual Core $699ThinkPad T60 Triple Play Specials at[...]

News Bits: Acer and Compal, MacBook Demand Stretches Supply, Fujitsu Soccer Laptops

Acer finalizes notebook orders for 2007, Compal takes largest portionApple can't make MacBooks fast enoughFujitsu Siemens kicks off the soccer seasonNo HD DVD, Blu-ray support in Vista 32-bit

Bytecc Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review

The Bytecc aluminum notebook cooler is a solid and fairly inexpensive way to cool down your laptop if it can benefit from its design.

Dell XPS M1710 with Nvidia Go 7900GTX Review (pics, specs)

The Dell XPS M1710 is Dell's latest flagship gaming notebook. What makes the XPS M1710 special is its optional Go 7900GTX 512MB video card with Core Duo. It also has[...]

Alienware Area-51 m5550 with Core 2 Duo Performance Evaluation

Intel's embargo on the Core 2 Duo is finally up, and it's time to see exactly what sort of performance it brings to the table. The notebook we'll be evaluating[...]

Asus Lamborghini

The Asus Lamborghini is a 15.4″ screen notebook with Core Duo processor and dedicated Nvidia graphics.

Portable One SX

The Portable One SX is a 13.3″ Intel Core Duo notebook with a carbon fibre alloy encasing.

Toshiba Satellite U200 / Satellite U205 Review (pics, specs)

Toshiba's ultra-portable notebook, the Satellite U200, with a 12.1" screen and weighing in at only 4.1lbs offers affordability, durability, mobility and power. It has the same chassis and components as[...]

News Bits: Vista Pricing, Intel Admits Memory Leak, Widescreens Dominate Now

Vista to launch January 30; pricing revealedIntel admits to memory leaks in latest PROSet softwareECS + Uniwill merger approvedWidescreen displays dominate notebook market

Intel Core 2 Duo Merom Laptops and Information (constantly being updated!)

Intel has announced its Core 2 Duo Merom processor. It's the first 64-bit mobile processor offering from Intel, and also happens to be dual core.

Dell Inspiron e1505 with Core 2 Duo Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Inspiron e1505 is a 15.4" widescreen notebook now available with the impressive Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The Inspiron 6400 is available through the[...]

Kensington Contour Traveler Notebook Case Review

The Kensington Contour Traveler notebook case easily lives up to its name. The case is designed for the comfort and convenience of people on the go and has a streamlined,[...]

More People Buying Laptops in Stores than Online

As people become more comfortable with using technology and using the internet, it is assumed they'll be more likely to shop online.  But interestingly, when it comes to buying laptops,[...]

News Bits: AMD Yokohama Platform, $1 Billion Worth of $100 Laptops to Ship, Dell Rethinks Notebook Selling Strategy

AMD-ATI to launch "Yokohama" notebook platform in Q4Quanta to ship 10 million $100 laptopsSales slump causes Dell to rethink strategyFujitsu to launch perpendicular HDD in Q4Logitech's new VX Revolution notebook[...]