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Notebook/Laptop Articles for May of 2005

Below are the 53 Notebook/Laptop articles for May of 2005

Dell Latitude D510

The D510 is an affordable, lightweight notebook with long battery life that provides the essential features needed for basic productivity. The configurations below give you a head start in creating[...]

Acer Aspire 3000

The Aspire 3000 series offers best in class performance, compatibility with all the applications, flexibility with all features that meet the needs of your mobile lifestyle and takes full advantage[...]

Review: Sony VAIO Battery Replacements from Mugen Power

I know a lot of people visit this site looking for advice and recommendation on buying a new laptop, but no matter what laptop you buy it eventually will get[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/2/2005 – 5/4/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/5/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST)Compaq m2010us Notebook $500 shipped (expires 5/7) Shure E3c Sound Isolating High End

Gateway 7426GX Review (pics, specs)

After browsing around for a couple of weeks looking for a replacement all-rounder laptop that's capable of handling development applications and database management systems (such as WSAD, SQL Server and[...]

HP Compaq Presario R4000

The Compaq Presario R4000 series brings you the power of a desktop PC coupled with the convenience of a notebook. Nothing’s holding you back form experiencing blazing-fast application performance! Utilizing[...]

HP Pavilion ZV6000 Review (pics, specs)

The HP zv6000 is at the lower end of the price range for HP notebooks, but I feel it is an excellent value for all that is included. It is[...]

News Bits: Averatec 4100 with Turion, HP TC4200 First Look, Gets Lenovo Branding

Averatec 4100 Series 13" Notebook to Carry New AMD Turion ProcessorHP TC4200 Tablet PC / Notebook Convertible First LookLenovo Buyout of IBM Complete -- Product Website Takes on[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/5/2005 – 5/7/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/12/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST) NEW COUPONS!Compaq m2010us Notebook $500 shipped (expires 5/7)HP: $100 off + $30 Rebate + free DVD+-RW[...]

Dell Inspiron 6000 Review (pics, specs)

This review of the Dell Inspiron 6000 comes from a Java software developer and book author. The review provides both an overview of the laptop for general usage and[...]

Acer TravelMate 4600

Suitable for both office and on-the-go use, the TravelMate 4600 series strikes just the right balance between performance and mobility. Connect to workplace peripherals in one easy step with the[...]

Acer TravelMate 4100

The TravelMate 4100 series is a fully versatile notebook that inspires great confidence both inside and outside the office. Its slim design makes it the ideal mobile work tool for[...]

Acer Aspire 3500

Since its inception, Acer has evolved from a manufacturing powerhouse to a globally recognized computer brand, marketing world-class IT products and services. Acer’s complete range of IT products is designed[...]

HP Pavilion DV4000 Review (pics, specs)

This review is for the Hewlett Packard DV4000 laptop. The DV4000 has a 15.4" widescreen glossy display and borrows many of the features from the smaller and highly popular[...]

Gateway 6000

This notebook computer features an Intel Celeron M Processor 360 (1.4 GHz), and 512MB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM. Enough power and speed to run most any application. In addition, you[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/8/2005 – 5/10/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/12/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST)$100 Rebate on Fujitsu P7000 Ultraportable Notebook$50 Rebate on Fujitsu N6010 17.0" Screen NotebookDell Small Business [...]

Dell Latitude X1 and IBM ThinkPad X41 Comparison (pics)

There's just something about the letter "X" isn't there? It's always used in Algebra. In Star Wars it's the X-Wing fighter that saves the day. [...]

Sony Announces New VAIO-T350P/L — First Notebook with Built-in WAN Connectivity

Sony today introduced a new version of its VAIO T ultra-portable notebook, the VAIO-T350P/L that is the first notebook to include integrated wireless wide area network technology. Sony[...]

Dell Inspiron 19-Inch Screen Notebook for 2006?

For people that just want a notebook as a desktop replacement that will sit on your desk, a 17" screen model is a good choice and the largest currently available[...]

Asus Z71v Review (pics, specs)

I had been researching a notebook purchase for over a year before I found the Asus Z71v. I wanted something that had a fairly large screen, preferably widescreen, had[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/11/2005 – 5/13/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/18/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST) UPDATED!$100 Rebate on Fujitsu P7000 Ultraportable NotebookHP: $100 off + $30 Rebate + free DVD+-RW +[...]

Gateway M460 Review (pics, specs)

The Gateway M460 series is designed to be a versatile and surprisingly mobile desktop replacement notebook, based on the wonderful Intel Centrino package. Configuration options allow you to[...]

Asus Z71

The Asus Z71 is the latest in Asus’ line of customizable notebook computers, featuring a 15.4″ screen and the latest Intel “Sonoma” Pentium M processor .

News Bits: Hitachi 100GB 7200RPM Hard Drive, Acer Ferrari 4000, Dell Wireless, Toshiba and Microsoft

Hitachi Releases 100GB Hard Drive Spinning at 7200 RPM -- Dell XPS2 Now Offering This Hard DriveAcer Ferrari 4000 With AMD Turion 64 Processor Coming SoonDell to Push Wireless Cell[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/14/2005 – 5/16/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/18/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST) Electronics and Accessories Store Coupons for up to $90 OffCompUSA $400 Compaq R4000 Laptop Deal[...]

Dell Precision M20 Review (pics, specs)

The Precision M20 is Dell's thin and light mobile workstation. Whereas its big brother, the Precision M70, is a mobile powerhouse of a machine, the M20 makes up for[...]

Acer TravelMate 3000

The Acer TravelMate 3000 series has been designed from the ground up to take the ultraportable concept to its most refined and accomplished form. Combining the attributes of the latest[...]

Acer Aspire 5000

Packing admirable performance and battery life into Acer’s chic Folio design, the Aspire 5000 features high on the list of value-centric computers that offer powerful processing capabilities and thinner-lighter mobility.[...]

Voodoo Envy A:522

Voodoo Envy I:222

HP Compaq nw8200

News Bits: Averatec 4100 & 1000 Info, SeaGate Fast HD, Hard Drive Versus Battery Performance Article

New Averatec 1000 Ultraportable and 4000 Series Specs, Detailed Information and PricingSeaGate 100GB 7200PRM and 120GB 5400RPM Hard Drive Released4200RPM Versus 5400RPM Hard Drive Battery Life Drain ArticleFujitsu S Series[...]

Sony VAIO S360 Review (pics, specs)

The Sony VAIO S360P is a number crunching, long lasting, amazingly small and light weight machine. It is very well suited for mobile business users and busy students running[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/17/2005 – 5/19/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/25/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST)UPDATED 5/ Electronics and Accessories Store Coupons for up to $90 Off (expires 5/19)IBM ThinkPad R50e From[...]

HP NC8230 Review (pics, specs)

The HP nc8230 is HP's desktop replacement notebook that combines the processing and graphics power of a desktop PC with the portability and convenience of a notebook PC. [...]

Motion Computing LE1600

Enterprise-ready tablet PC is a thinner, lighter, more durable slate design First slate tablet PC with latest generation of Intel Centrino mobile technology Optional hot-swappable extended battery delivers up to[...]

Averatec 1000

Feather Light Notebooks Have Never Looked So Stylish with the Averatec 1000 series. These feather light notebooks feature Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and are equipped with an array of multimedia[...]

Averatec 4100

The Averatec 4100 series notebook featuring a crisp AveraBrite display is designed to empower. This ultra portable notebook features an AMD Turion 64 processor that supports tomorrow s 64-bit applications[...]

Averatec 4200

The Averatec 4200 series notebooks featuring a crisp AveraBrite display are the perfect solution for any user. These ultra portable notebooks feature Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and are equipped with[...]

Kensington Universal Docking Station Review

A notebook accessory that turns out to be very useful, and not often thought of, is a docking station. One reason to think about a docking station is that usually[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/20/2005 – 5/22/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 5/25/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST) Electronics and Accessories Store Coupons for up to $90 Off (expires 5/23/05)IBM ThinkPad R50e From $699Acer[...]

News Bits: HP and Armstrong, Acer TravelMate 3000, Apple Battery Recall

HP to Release Lance Armstrong "LiveStrong" Branded AMD 64 Turion NotebookAcer TravelMate 3000 12-inch Screen Ultraportable Notebook Released in U.S.Apple Battery Recalling 128,000 PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 BatteriesMicrosoft Giving[...]

IBM ThinkPad X41 Review (pics, specs)

The IBM ThinkPad X41 notebook is a 12.1" screen ultraportable that follows in the footsteps of last years ThinkPad X40 release. Although the X41 is small and[...]

Dell $750 Off Coupon (5/24/2005) UPDATED 3:30 PM

Dell has issued a $750 off coupon code that is valid for tomorrow (5/24) starting at 8:00 a.m. CST and expiring at 8:00 a.m. CST on 5/25. Limited quantity[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/23/2005 – 5/25/2005

NEW Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 6/1/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST) UPDATED 5/25$700 off $1699 Inspiron Notebooks coupon, loaded Inspiron 9300 $1021 shipped (expires 5/23)Belkin 802.11g[...]

Dell Latitude X1 Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Latitude X1 is Dell's smallest and lightest notebook offering.  The X1 is targeted at business users that need to be highly mobile, and weighing only 2.5 pounds the[...]

Sony VAIO S380 Review (pics, specs)

The Sony VAIO S380 has got to be the smallest, lightest and grooviest laptop I have ever owned. It's got killer industrial design, the perfect screen hinge used on the[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/26/2005 – 5/28/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 6/1/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST)Belkin F5D72304 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Router $9.99 Amazon: $100-$150 rebate on Apple NotebooksToshiba 15% Off Select Customizable[...]

Review: RadTech Tekmod Notebook Case

If you do not want to always carry around a huge bag and just need your laptop, a few accessories, and maybe some documents then the tekmod notebook case from RadTech may[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook E8020 Review (pics, specs)

The LifeBook E8020D is Fujitsu's latest 15" screen Sonoma notebook. It offers the same graphics card as the Asus W3V, while at the same time, is lighter than the[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 5/29/2005 – 5/31/2005

Dell Inspiron up to $750 Off Coupon Codes (expires 6/1/05 @ 6:00 a.m. CST)Dell Home Coupons for up to $90 Off (expires 6/1/2005)Dell Small Business new Electronics and Accessories coupons[...]

Toshiba Satellite A75 Review (pics, specs)

I bought the Toshiba Satellite A75 notebook computer for school and other applications as well as gaming. Most people would agree that I should have gone for a Pentium[...]

Reality Internet — Laptop Disaster Stories

Reality TV? Whatever, those shows are half staged because there's a camera in the room. In conjunction with Laptop Magazine we've collected some REAL life laptop disaster stories[...]