March 2016 Notebook/Laptop Articles

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Notebook/Laptop Articles for March of 2016

Below are the 18 Notebook/Laptop articles for March of 2016

How to Buy a Smartphone: Understanding No-Contract Smartphone Plans

T-Mobile killed carrier contracts and paved the way for their complete eradication. With contracts, so too goes the subsidized smartphone pricing we were all used to paying. All of a[...]

Razer Blade Stealth (2016) Review

This 0.52-inch thin Ultrabook was anything but stealthy at CES 2016. Best known for its gaming peripherals, Razer’s latest computer is a stand-out in more ways than one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Boring, And That’s Just the Way We Like It

Samsung brings back microSD and waterproofing for the flagship Galaxy S7, along with a new always-on display and Game Launcher. Does this mix of function and fun make for a[...]

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Near Perfect

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the best smartphone on the market, hands down. But is it worth paying a premium price for a smartphone when good-enough devices costs hundreds[...]

Kingston HyperX Savage SSD Review

Consumers have more options than ever to upgrade an old laptop with an affordable, high-capacity SSD. The 480 GB HyperX Savage isn't the newest SSD but offers significant speed boosts[...]

How to Buy a Smartphone: Picking the Right Smartphone Plan

Picking a new smartphone plan? Here's how to find a plan with plenty of data and without useless extras.

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Accessories Review: Wireless Router, Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank, and 1TB Hard Drive

These handy devices – a Bluetooth speaker, power bank, wireless router, and hard drive – all stack together to be highly usable on the go. Are they collectively worth the[...]

LG V10 Review: A Different Kind of Flagship

The LG V10 is a different kind of flagship, with unique design features and a dual-screen display. Does being different make it a better smartphone? Read on to find out.

Windows 10 Continuum: Don’t Use a Smartphone as a PC

We take a closer look at why you shouldn't assume a Windows smartphone is the only computer you'll ever need ... not yet anyway.

How to Buy a Smartphone: Android vs iOS

Once you’ve narrowed down a carrier and a smartphone plan, it comes time to choose a smartphone. Since there are hundreds of options, it helps to first choose an operating[...]

Samsung Notebook 9 spin Preview: Don’t Call it an ATIV

Samsung has all but killed the ATIV brand, re-debuting the previously-announced Samsung ATIV Book 9 Spin as the Samsung Notebook 9 spin. Given how excited we are for the Notebook[...]

Apple Wants to Replace PCs with iPads. World asks, “What’s New?”

Today Apple managed to champion personal privacy, promote ways to manage your health, and alienate both potential and current iPad owners, all while unveiling the newest iPad Pro and the[...]

How to Buy a Smartphone: Understanding Smartphone Specs

Did you ever take a close look at a smartphone spec sheet? Have any idea what the numbers and letters mean, what they tell you about the smartphone? Read on[...]

Lenovo Ideapad 700 (15-inch) Review: Return of the (Budget) King

The 15-inch Ideapad Y700 holds many of the same cornerstones the Y series was known for; understated design, sturdy build quality, and affordable performance. Add in the improved display and[...]

Alienware Vindicator Messenger Bag Review

The Alienware Vindicator Messenger Bag is more than just a laptop bag that features the iconic alien head logo; this bag is meant for the Alienware 13, 15, and 17.[...]

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review: Compromised for Mobility

Samsung’s challenge: create a high-end Windows 10 2-in-1 to compete with the Surface Pro 4. The Galaxy TabPro S represents its first and best shot. Does this premium Win 10[...]

Panasonic Toughbook 54 Review: Rugged but Rough Around the Edges

This sturdy-looking laptop rides the line between "fully rugged" and "semi-rugged" notebook. Read on to see if the Toughbook 54 is tough enough.

Aorus X3 Plus V5 Review: Big Things Come in Small Packages

Equipped with a sixth generation Skylake processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M GPU the new X3 delivers solid performance in a 13-inch package. Add in the gorgeous display and you[...]