February 2016 Notebook/Laptop Articles

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Notebook/Laptop Articles for February of 2016

Below are the 18 Notebook/Laptop articles for February of 2016

Honor 5X Review: Huawei’s House Brand Delivers

What does $200 get you in a smartphone? Quite a bit, including a large display, all-metal body, and excellent fingerprint sensor, but only if you go with the Honor 5X.[...]

How to Upgrade Nvidia MXM Notebook Graphics Cards

DIY upgrades aren't easy even if you purchased a gaming notebook with MXM graphics. Read on to find out why.

Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR Bag Review: Laptop/Camera Bag Meets Man Purse

The Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR messenger bag offers impressive options for transporting a laptop, camera gear and other gadgets. Is this Jack of all trades worth a King's ransom? Read[...]

How To Upgrade Your Notebook with an External Graphics Card

External graphics solutions have been around for nearly a decade, but mainstream laptop makers have only recently begun offering plug-and-play solutions to upgrade your graphics.

Eurocom Sky X9 Review: Sky’s the Limit

Desktops may be the kings of PC gaming but the Eurocom Sky X9 is a challenger to the throne thanks to optional desktop-grade Nvidia GeForce 980 graphics. The Sky X9[...]

How to Buy a Smartphone: Understanding LTE, VoLTE, GSM, & CDMA

It's not easy to buy the right smartphone, especially now that carriers have ditched contracts. Here's what you need to know about carrier technology before picking out your next handset.

Lenovo ideapad Y700 Review: A Balanced Behemoth

There’s a lot to like in a big laptop, especially if it's big on processing power. The Lenovo ideapad Y700 fits that bill with a Core i7 and dedicated Nvidia[...]

PNY CS1311 vs. PNY CS2211: Consumer vs. Gamer SSDs

The fight between solid state drives with TLC and MLC NAND flash memory is over, and PNY has declared that consumers are the winners! Read on to find out why[...]

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Adds Pixels and Utility to Its Curve: Hands On

The Samsung S7 edge features everything that could make the S7 the Android phone to beat in 2016, as well as a revamped Edge display that adds both pixels and[...]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Preview: Waterproofing and Removable Storage are Back

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is here, and with it comes a return to utility in the form of expandable memory and waterproofing. An "always-on" display and camera improvements arrive as[...]

The LG G5 Impresses with Brilliant Modular Design and VR Headset: Hands On

The LG G5 is an impressive Android flagship thanks to its innovative modular design, the first in a mainstream handset. Its mobile VR goggles are rather impressive as well.

Sony Xperia X, XA and X Performance: Hands On with the “Almost” Flagship Smartphones

Sony is good at keeping a secret, as it surprised attendees at Mobile World Congress with a new mid-range mobile series with three models: the Xperia XA, Xperia X, and[...]

HP Elite X3 Preview: The Smartphone that Wants to be Your Next Laptop

The Elite X3 is a bold move. Armed with an array of high-end specs and Windows’ Continuum feature, this smartphone might just be enough to replace a PC in the[...]

HTC One X9 Ditches iPhone Design for More Familiar Looks: Hands On

Check out the HTC One X9, an upper-range model with a spec sheet to suggest it’s the successor to the HTC One A9. You know, the one that looks like[...]

Lenovo Stretches its Lineup with the Introduction of the Yoga 710 and Yoga 510: Hands-on Preview

Just last month Lenovo introduced a cornucopia of new consumer products in conjunction with a whole new Thinkpad line, but it appears the company was holding a few cards up[...]

Huawei Challenges the Surface Pro 4 with the Stylish MateBook: Hands-On Preview

Huawei's first 2-in-1 Windows 10 device is a slick 12-inch tablet that functions as a laptop via the optional keyboard case. With excellent battery life and Intel Core M processor,[...]

Gigabyte P57W Review

Announced at CES 2016, Gigabyte's 17.3-inch P57W is a thin-and-light gaming powerhouse, with Intel's latest Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 970M graphics.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 Review: Business-class Flexibility

This 2-in-1 manages to deliver the durability and ports that businesses need while also keeping the travel weight as light as possible for employees. Keep reading to find out if[...]