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Notebook/Laptop Articles for October of 2006

Below are the 76 Notebook/Laptop articles for October of 2006

Current Notebook and Tech Deals (Updated 9/29/2006)

$200 Off $999+ Coupon Code for Dell Inspiron notebooks Expire 10/05Lenovo 4.77lb ThinkPad Z60t Notebook 14in $735.99Compaq v3000z Turion Notebook Available for $449ThinkPad R60 Core Duo 14.1" screen notebook $809more...

Interesting Device for Seeing a Laptop Screen in Direct Sunlight

We've all been there -- it's a beautiful day outside and you're stuck inside working on a computer so you try trotting outside with your laptop to absorb some rays[...]

Samsung R40 Review (pics, specs)

The Samsung R40 is a 15.4" widescreen notebook which focuses mainly on multimedia, and which Samsung places under the category Mobile Professional. The notebook uses the ATI chipset with the[...]

News Bits: Gaming & Windows Vista, Jet Engine Powered Laptops, Toshiba HD DVD Burner for Notebooks

Gaming & Windows VistaMIT Professor wants to put a jet engine inside laptops for powerToshiba's HD DVD burner for notebooksNvidia DirectX 10 chip to launch mid-Novembermore...

Samsung R40

HP nc8430 with Core 2 Duo and X1600 Review (pics, specs)

The nc8430 is HP's business class high-powered 15.4" notebook, often popular for its solid build, gaming capability, and business class support through HP. It starts at a base price of[...]

Most Popular Notebooks for September 2006

Each month we compile data for the number of times a particular notebook is viewed on this sites product pages to get an idea for what mainstream consumers are looking[...]

News Bits: Core 2 Duo Shortage, Asus W5Fe Dual-Screen Vista Laptop, Fujitsu Battery Recall

Strong notebook demand causes processor shortageAsus W5Fe dual-screen Vista laptopFujitsu recalls 287,000 notebook batteriesHP, Sony deliver joint statement on battery issuesmore...

Toshiba Qosmio G30 / Qosmio G35 Review (pics, specs)

Today we take a look at Toshiba Canada's Qosmio G30 (specifically the PQG31C-HD202E ). The G30 closely resembles Toshiba USA's Qosmio G35-AV650 in specification so this review should give you[...]

Pin Modding and Overclocking a Pentium M Guide

Pin modding an Intel Pentium-M to overclock performance isn't a new thing, but with current Core 2 Duo chips driving first generation Pentium M Dothan pricing down, you can upgrade[...]

News Bits: Intel Acquiring Nvidia Rumor False, Toshiba Fuel Cells, Nvidia G80 Details Unveiled

Nvidia acquisition by Intel not happeningToshiba fuel cellsNvidia DirectX 10 "G80" details unveiledSeven Linux distros fight over one old ThinkPad


The Sony VAIO N series laptop is a 15.4″ screen laptop with a Core Duo or Core Solo processor and offered in 4 tasteful colors that will fit your home[...]

Samsung NP-X60 Review (pics, specs)

The Samsung NP-X60 (hereinafter called the X60) is a 15.4" widescreen notebook which follows on from the X50 series and includes the latest Intel mobile CPU and chipset. The X60[...]

Ducky on an Island USB Fan Review

I've read my share of notebook cooler reviews and, while undeniably useful, notebook coolers are just kind of dull. So when I came across a USB device that featured[...]

LG P1 Express Dual Review (pics, specs)

LG are really doing a good job with their notebook line up. Their notebooks have great specs, great looks, good build quality and excellent screens. The LG P1 Express under[...]

Alienware MJ-12 M7700a Mobile Workstation Review (pics, specs)

The Alienware MJ-12 m7700a mobile workstation, backed by dual-core AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 FX-60 processors, it is designed to effortlessly handle today'challenging applications, whether that be CAD or gaming,[...]

Belkin Universal Notebook Expansion Dock Announced

Finally, a notebook dock has arrived that offers DVI-out, 5.1 surround sound and is available to all laptops that have the ExpressCard expansion slot. The Belkin Universal Notebook Expansion[...]

WidowPC Sting 517D Review (pics, specs)

The WidowPC Sting 517D is a high-end gaming notebook with more power than most desktops. It features a high-resolution 17 display, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and the[...]

mimobot Designer Flash Drives Review

Flash drives are all the rage these days. They come in huge capacities and even in exotic flavors like titanium and biometric. But what most drives lack is any sort[...]

Acer Aspire 3100

Acer TravelMate 2480

Acer Aspire 5112

The Acer Aspire 5112 is an AMD Turion X2 powered notebook with a 15.4″ widescreen display and ATI X1600 processor.

WidowPC Sting

digitallife Consumer Electronics Show in NYC Starts Tomorrow

While CES in Las Vegas is the king of consumer electronics shows, the digitallife show in New York this week promises to have its share of interesting PC and gaming[...]

News Bits: Intel “Montevina” News, Toshiba Core 2 Duo Updates, Foxconn to Make Apple MacBooks

Intel Santa Rosa Platform to be followed by 'Montevina'Toshiba announces Core 2 Duo notebooksFoxconn secures Apple notebook ordersOpenOffice.org 2.0.4 releasedmore...

Dell Announces Several Updates to XPS M1710 Gaming Notebook

Dell has made some tweaks to its high end gaming notebook, the XPS M1710. The blazing fast and newly announced Nvidia GeForce Go 7950GTX graphics card will be included[...]

Nvidia Announces GeForce Go7950GTX Graphics Card

Nvidia today announced the GeForce Go7950GTX, the fourth generation of Nvidia's flagship GPU. It is the world's fastest mobile GPU, and delivers unmatched performance in the latest game titles.[...]

Acer Aspire 5112 Review (pics, specs)

The Acer Aspire 5112 as sold in North America is an AMD Turion X2 process and ATI X1600 graphics card equipped notebook. It has a 15.4" widescreen glossy display[...]

News Bits: Fujitsu Flash Drive Notebooks, Star Wars Flash Drives, Libya to Buy 1.2M $100 Laptops

Fujitsu to offer flash drives in B-series and Q-series notebooksmimoco announces Star Wars mimobot flash drivesLibya to purchase 1.2 million $100 laptopsActivision games to be available through Valve's Steammore...

Current Notebook and Tech Deals (Updated 10/13/2005)

$200 Off $999+ and $300 off $1,499 Coupon Code for Dell Inspiron notebooks Expire 10/19/06HP.com 15% Off Customizable Notebooks Coupon CodeHalf Life 2 PC Game For $15 ShippedLatitude D410 notebook[...]

Lenovo Web Camera Review

The folks in the ThinkPad design group at Lenovo have spread their wings a bit and come up with a rather uniquely designed web camera. The Lenovo 1.3 megapixel web[...]

Acer Aspire 5562WXMi Review (pics, specs)

The notebook under review is a European model of the Acer Aspire 5562WXMi. This can be classified as a thin and light notebook with a 14.1" wide screen display[...]

Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 and CF-19 Announced — Brightest Notebook Screens Ever

Panasonic has released a couple of new notebooks today, the ToughBook CF-19 is a convertible Tablet PC and the ToughBook CF-30 a clamshell notebook. Both devices feature a Core Duo[...]

ThinkPad Core 2 Duo, 802.11n and Security Updates Announced by Lenovo

Lenovo today announced that the ThinkPad T, X, R and Z series notebooks would be receiving a refresh in the form of a Core 2 Duo processor being offered on[...]

News Bits: 5 Million Core 2 Duo Chips in 60-days, Fujitsu and Sharp Recall Batteries, Translucent MacBook Shells

Intel ships 5 million dual-core processors in 60 daysFujitsu, Sharp recall almost 80,000 batteries90% of notebooks to have widescreen displays in 2008PC makers threaten action over Sony batteriesSpeck invents translucent[...]

Acer Aspire 5602WLMi Review


Rock Pegasus Review Part 2

(no description)

Fujitsu LifeBook N6420, LifeBook A3110, LifeBook A6010 Released

Fujitsu has announced and released the LifeBook N6420, LifeBook A3110 and LifeBook A6010 multimedia desktop replacement notebooks. The 17-inch screen N6420 is powered by a Core 2 Duo and ATI[...]

Rock Pegasus 665 Core 2 Duo Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The Rock Pegasus 665-T72 is one of a new line of configurable notebooks from English notebook computer company, Rock. The notebooks are a revised version of the Pegasus 660, with[...]

The Lenovo ThinkPad X60s Swings into the Jungle with Canopy Meg and Other Scientists

Each year the Explorers Club presents the Lowell Thomas Award to select explorer scientists to recognize their world-renowned projects for preserving rich biodiversity. This year Lenovo has partnered with the[...]

Lowell Thomas Scientist Award Profiles

(no description)

News Bits: Intel Santa Rosa 1GB NAND chipset, Typewriter Laptop, Lenovo C200 Core 2 Duo Notebook Unveiled

Santa Rosa notebooks to include 1GB NAND chipsetLenovo C200 Core 2 Duo notebook unveiledQuanta starts test production of $100 laptopThe typewriter laptopBattlefield 2142 in-game ads use spyware methods

Top 5 PC Sellers for Q3 2006 — Dell Still #1 but Slips, Apple Rockets to #4 in U.S.

HP is continuing to apply major pressure to Dell in the war of being the #1 in shipping PCs. In overall PC sales worldwide HP and Dell are even, in[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook N6420

The LifeBook N6420 notebook fuses the convenience of a notebook with the power of a desktop. Add the optional Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and your notebook will[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook A6010

What has state-of-the-art multimedia, wireless technology, an industry-leading wide 15.4 inch Crystal View display, unparalled reliability, multiple security options, and can be yours at a reasonable price? The Fujitsu Lifebook[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook A3110

With an innovative design that redefines the mobile computing experience, this beautifully crafted LifeBook A3110 notebook reflects the genius within. Let your passion for multimedia and creative computing flow.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC

The ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC convertible notebook is a convertible Tablet PC / notebook that uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The X60 uses Wacom pen technology and a[...]

An Apples-to-Apples Comparison of MXM Notebook Graphics Cards

In this article MXM-Upgrade's Kris Verbeeck does benchmarking of different graphics cards in the same notebook to give an apples-to-apples comparison of several MXM compatible notebook graphics cards.

Bogus Company L International Computer Announces Quad Core Laptop with 24 Hour Battery Life

The trials and tribulations of "computer company" L International, formerly known as Liebermann computers, is well documented on the internet as being bogus and never truly shipping products they claim[...]

Toshiba Satellite P105-S9722 Review (pics, specs)

The 17-inch screen Toshiba Satellite P105-S9722 notebook comes equipped with the new Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 processor. This is a dual core 2 GHz chip with 4 MB[...]

Current Notebook and Tech Deals (Updated 10/21/2006)

20% Off Coupon Code for Dell Inspiron notebooks over $999HP.com 15% Off Customizable Notebooks Coupon Code EXPIRES TODAY (10/21)Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m $950 Off, $899 Final PriceWestern Digital Scorpio 120GB 2.5in[...]

News Bits: AMD Turion Sales Up, New Asus Gaming Notebooks, Intel $300M Centrino Push

AMD Turion 64 sales up 50 percentIntel to spend $300 million in Centrino Pro pushVista could be a notebook killerAveratec dual-core notebook runs for $849New Asus gaming, Lamborghini notebooks

Lenovo 3000 C200

The Lenovo C200 is a 15.4″ standard screen notebook that offers either the Core 2 Duo or Celeron M processor. The curvy unique design of the the C200 makes it[...]

Acer Ferrari 5000

Get ready to feel the high-speed computing power of the Acer Ferrari 5006WLMI (model LX.FR40M.027), a continuation of the speedy, mobile-centric laptops the two companies have previously collaborated on. Sleekly[...]

Toshiba Tecra M6 Review (pics, specs)

The Toshiba Tecra M6 is a 12.1-inch screen business notebook from Toshiba. While being an ultraportable in terms of screen size, the M6 uses a regular clock speed processor,[...]

Rock Pegasus

News Bits: Lenovo and the NBA, Notebook Battery Shortages, Wal Mart to Push Laptop Sales for Holiday 2006

Lenovo and NBA announce global partnershipCompal profit falls, battery and memory DRAM chip shortageFirefox 2.0 to be released October 24Wal Mart to push HP and Toshiba laptop deals this holiday[...]

Gateway Recalls 35,000 Sony Made Batteries

Gateway issued a voluntary recall of about 35,000 batteries included with notebooks that were shipped through the firm's direct, professional and retail channels. According to the company, the batteries affected[...]

Apple MacBook Pro gets Core 2 Duo

It took a lot of waiting as anxious Apple customers looked at their watches, but Apple is finally offering a notebook with the new Core 2 Duo processor. The 15"[...]

Sager NP6260 Review (pics, specs)

The Sager NP6260 is a 12.1" screen 2.8lb ultraportable laptop that breaks the mold for what this company typically offers. Sager is a known commodity among those notebook buyers that[...]

Microsoft to Offer Vista Express Upgrade to PC Buyers Starting this Thursday

Many people have been holding off on buying a laptop because they want to wait and get the new Windows Vista OS instead of having to pay for the upgrade[...]

Dell AMD Notebooks Under $500 Coming Soon

According to reports from Taiwan news website DigiTimes.com, Dell notebooks with AMD processors will start selling in the next couple of weeks. The price ranges for these notebooks are reported[...]

LG P1 Express Review (pics, specs)

The LG P1 "Express Dual" is a 15.4-inch widescreen multimedia laptop series based on the Centrino Duo technology. The P1 could be called the poor man's S1, offering new technology[...]

News Bits: Alienware Turns 10, AMD Fusion Announced, Acer Turns 30 and Predicts Major Growth

Alienware celebrates 10th anniversaryAMD completes ATI acquisitionAMD announces "Fusion" CPU + GPU unitAcer expects to take No. 3 spot in global PC market in 2007Sony will keep producing batteries despite[...]

LG S1 with Core 2 Duo Review (pics, specs)

Back in August we looked at the LG S1 with Core Duo and ATI X1600 graphics card. Today we take a look at the updated LG S1-M002A9 15.4"[...]

Sabrent SATA II ExpressCard Review

If you do a lot of video editing with your notebook and need a fast way to move those data bytes to storage, the Sabrent SATA II ExpressCard might be[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook A6010 First Thoughts

The Fujitsu LifeBook A6010 is a 15.4" widescreen multimedia notebook that offers an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a bunch of nice media-centric features, but doesn't break the bank[...]

News Bits: 15.4-inch Apple MacBook Coming in 2007, HP Now Offers PayPal, Everex StepNote NC1500

15.4-inch Apple MacBook coming in 2007Asus to push own-brand notebooks in 2007HP adds PayPal payment option to HPShopping.comVia, Everex launch claimed "world's most energy efficient notebook"


The LG P1 “Express Dual” is a 15.4-inch widescreen multimedia laptop series based on the Centrino Duo technology. The P1 could be called the poor man’s S1, offering new technology[...]

Asus A8Js Review (pics, specs)

The Asus A8Js can best be classified as a thin-and-light notebook, although its strong graphics capabilities make it a standout in this category. The A8Js is a refresh of[...]

Asus V6J with Core 2 Duo Review (pics, specs)

The 15.1-inch screen V6J series notebook by Asus is the most recent incarnation of the V6V. Both of these notebooks are in the thin and light category. Both[...]

News Bits: Fiery Fujitsu, Vista to have Built-in Benchmarking, Vantec “Piano” Notebook Cooler

Fujitsu laptop overheats and sparksWindows Vista to contain built-in benchmarkingVista Ultimate absent from Windows Vista Upgrade ProgramAsustek takes Toshiba notebook orders from CompalVantec introduces Piano notebook cooler comes with built-in[...]

Averatec 2300

The Averatec 2300 Series is a full-featured notebook, combining powerful dual-core processing with infotainment capabilities in an ultra-thin, ultra-light, form factor. Ideal for those on the go, including business professionals,[...]

Goodbye Analog TV, Hello Broadband Wireless Internet?

Once upon a time, Internet access was limited primarily by the "last mile," the copper wires that brought a connection into a home or office. Now, in an era when[...]

Sony VAIO TX 007 Bond Laptop Released Along with Other 007 Gear

Branding laptops with cool cars is all the rage these days, so why not brand them with movies too? Sony has done just that as they roll out a[...]

USB Missile Launcher Review

I could stop right here and you would already want to buy one. You haven t even seen a picture and don t know how much it costs, but the[...]