October 2003 Notebook/Laptop Articles

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Notebook/Laptop Articles for October of 2003

Below are the 23 Notebook/Laptop articles for October of 2003

Weekend Notebook Deals

Dell Outlet: upto $75 coupon on refurbished notebook or desktop HP Shopping: Compaq S5000J desktop XP2400+ 40GB CDRW $319 shipped AR, expiring Tigerdirect: Sony VAIO[...]

Philips boosts DVD capacity

Dutch Philips Electronics says it has developed a new technology with Japan's Mitsubishi Kagaku Media that nearly doubles the storage capacity of data on recordable DVD discs.

Notebook and Tech Deals for 10/5

HP Shopping: HP Ze4500 notebook XP-M 2200+ 1.8GHz $619 shipped CircuitCity: HP ZE4540US 2.4GHz Notebook $850 shipped + $110 GC CompUSA Weekly Deals[...]

Sharp Releases New Notebook – Actius MC22

Sharp has released a new Notebook model, the $1,399 Actius MC22 computer is aimed at consumers and home-office workers. When the notebook is linked to a desktop by a USB[...]

New Notebook Releases

Notebook makers are releasing a ton of new products in anticipation of the Christmas season. Sony, Toshiba and HP are the latest manufacturers to announce new notebooks.

Notebook and Tech Deals 10/8

Dell Biz: Inspiron 5100 laptop P4-2.4GHz 256MB 30GB DVD/CDRW $817 shipped AR eBags: $10 off no minimum coupon CircuitCity: HP ZE4540US 2.4GHz Notebook $850 shipped[...]

IBM Thinkpad T40 Review

The IBM T40 Notebook is the ideal mobile computer for those who put a high priority on durability and mobility. The T40 is very small and very lightweight in[...]

Weekend Notebook Deals

Compgeeks: refurb IBM Thinkpad PII 366MHz notebook $240 Dell Home: Inspiron 1100 laptop 2.2GHz 30GB 256MB DVD/CDRW $765 shipped AR Dell Home: 10%[...]

Notebook Deals for Monday

There are lots of HP deals for the beginning of this week: HP Shopping: Compaq 2500 notebook 2.4GHz 256MB 30GB DVD $754 shipped AR Dell[...]

Sharp Releases 3D Screen Notebook

If you've ever dreamed of being able to see the graphics from your computer screen in 3D without using those silly 3D glasses, the time has come. Sharp today[...]

Notebook News Bits

Notebook and PC sales grows more quickly than expected for 3rd quarter Turn your Notebook into a dual display for your PC Apple PC Sales up[...]

End of the week Notebook Deals

Gateway m305s laptop for $699 HP Shopping: HP ZD7000 notebook P4-2.66GHz 17in screen $1249 shipped AR Dell Outlet: upto $75 coupon on refurbished notebook or[...]

IBM Makes it Safer to Drop Your Notebook

Have you ever been running through the airport terminal with your trusty notebook tucked under your arm or swinging wildly in the carry on bag you're toting with you? [...]

Notebook Deals from HP, IBM and Toshiba

Overstock: refurb IBM ThinkPad T22 Notebook P3-900MHz 20GB DVD $733 shipped Staples: ultraportable Averatec 3150 notebook $700 shipped AR HP Shopping: refurb HP ze4230 notebook[...]

Dell Inspiron Notebook Coupons — Two Days Only

Starting 10/21 Dell is featuring TWO DAY only coupon codes for Dell Inspiron Notebooks: $75 off the online purchase of a new Dell Inspiron Notebook $999[...]

Apple Releases Improved iBook Portable Computer

Apple Computer on Wednesday turned up the performance of its iBook portable computers by adding the PowerPC G4 processor and, its OS X version 10.3 operating system, faster memory and[...]

Toshiba Announces Three new Satellite Notebooks

Toshiba is promoting more portability in an effort to attract small and medium-size businesses. The notebook PC manufacturer has released three Satellite notebooks created for more cost-conscious, smaller businesses.

Notebook Deals and Coupon Codes 10/24

PC Connection: Apple iBook G3 800Mhz 225MB 30GB $894 AR HP Shopping: Compaq 2500 notebook 2.4GHz 256MB 30GB $664 shipped AR Dell Home: Inspiron[...]

Two New IBM ThinkPads Include Graphics Enhancements

IBM took the wraps off two new notebooks today, the ThinkPad R50p and the ThinkPad T41p are designed to push the limit on Intel's Pentium M processor and the ATI[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals 10/27

HP: HP zt3000 notebook PentiumM-1.4GHz 15.4in 256MB 30GB $1092 shipped AR Dell Biz: Latitude D500 notebook Centrino 1.3GHz CDRW 802.11b/g $949 shipped AR Overstock: refurb eMachines M5405 laptop[...]

Dell.com Offers One Day Only $100 Off Coupon

Dell Home and Office has a coupon code available for $100 off any purchase over $1499, this can be combined with all offers currently running on Dell Notebooks. Use[...]

Butterfly notebook may spread wings again

IBM is experimenting anew with notebook designs that mimic one of its most famous and controversial designs: the expanding Butterfly keyboard.

Wi-Fi Notebook Review Roundup

In this article we take a look at a few Wi-Fi ready notebooks and determine which ones provide the best solution for a truly mobile and wireless experience. Notebooks[...]