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Notebook/Laptop Articles for January of 2006

Below are the 73 Notebook/Laptop articles for January of 2006

News Bits: Intel Leap Ahead, VAIO SZ and VAIO FE, Alienware 3400, CES 2006

Intel Leap Ahead $2.5 Billion Marketing Blitz to be Unveiled January 5th at CES Las VegasSony VAIO SZ, VAIO FE Intel Dual Core NotebooksAlienware Sentia 3400 Widescreen 14" Notebook ReleasedConsumer[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/2/2006 – 1/5/2006

Dell.com Up to $750 Off Inspiron Deal (expires 1/11/2006)Amazon.com $200 Rebates on NotebooksHP nx6110 Business Notebook $550ThinkPad Offers and $100 Mail-In RebatesToshiba Tablet PC $999 with Free Case + Free[...]

New Acer TravelMate 8200 Dual Core Napa Notebook Revealed (pics, specs)

The Acer TravelMate 8200 will be announced this week, this is a new Intel dual core processor based notebook with a 15.4" widescreen. The TravelMate 8200 will have an[...]

Fujitsu P7120 (P7120D) Review (pics, specs)

Fujitsu has released another refresh to their popular ultra portable P series of notebooks. While the last update was largely chipset based, the LifeBook P7120 offers up an entirely new[...]

Quanta KN1

The Quanta KN1 is a 15.4″ screen laptop.

Dell Inspiron 9400 With Intel Duo Core Available (specs)

The Dell Inspiron 9400 with Intel Duo Core Yonah processor has been listed on the Dell Europe site. The 17" screen Inspiron 9400 features an available 256MB nVidia Geforce[...]

Sling Media Slingbox Review (pics, specs)

As many of us jam up our digital video recorders with shows and movies we don't have time to watch live, many of us are finding we don't have time[...]

HP dv5000z Notebook Available (pics, specs)

HP has released a new 15.4" multimedia notebook that is essentially the same as the existing dv4000 notebook they offer, but instead of an Intel processor it uses a choice[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 and X60s Revealed (pics, specs)

Lenovo has today announced the availability of the ThinkPad X60 and ThinkPad X60s ultraportable class of notebooks. The X60 will feature the latest Intel mobile processors, the ThinkPad X60[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad T60 Revealed (pics, specs)

Lenovo today announced the availability of the new ThinkPad T60 thin-and-light class notebook. The ThinkPad T60 is the followup to the ThinkPad T43 and builds upon its design and[...]

HP dv1000t and Compaq v2000t Dual Core Notebooks Revealed (pics, specs)

The HP dv1000t Intel dual core processor notebook was on display in Las Vegas yesterday and has now appeared on the HP site along with the equivalent Compaq v2000t notebook.[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook N6410 and Fujitsu LifeBook E8110 Notebooks Announced (pics, specs)

The Fujitsu LifeBook N6410 and Fujitsu LifeBook E8110 were on display at the CES 2006 show today. The N6410 is a 17" screen notebook with Intels new Core Duo[...]

Dell Inspiron e1705 Revealed (pics, specs)

The Dell Inspiron e1705 Intel Core Duo notebook is now available via Dell.com and on display at the CES 2006 show.

Gateway NX860, M685-E, NX560 and M465-E Announced (pics)

Gateway was at the CES 2006 show and introduced a few new notebooks that will carry the new Intel Core Duo processors. We tooks a few pictures of the[...]

Sony VAIO FE and SZ Notebooks at CES 2006 (pics, specs)

Sony introduced two new VAIO notebooks at the CES 2006 show - the new VAIO FE Series 15.4" widescreen notebook, a high performance mobile media center PC and the new[...]

Dell Inspiron 9400

The Dell Inspiron 9400 is a 17-inch widescreen Intel Dual core notebook with a dedicated graphics card.

Dell Inspiron e1705

The Dell Inspiron e1705 is a 17-inch widescreen Intel Dual core notebook with a dedicated graphics card.

Toshiba Satellite A105

The Satellite A105 platform offers a technology-packed affordable notebook in a compact, feature-rich design. Great for basic computing, this system includes an Intel Celeron M Processor 380, wireless LAN, and[...]

Toshiba Qosmio and Portege M400 Tablet PC Notebooks at CES 2006 (pics, specs)

Toshiba had on display the next generation 17" screen Qosmio notebook with the new Intel Core Duo processor and an HD-DVD drive. Also on display was the Portege M400[...]

HP Pavilion dv5000z

The dv5000z series is an AMD powered 15.4-inch multimedia notebook.

New Asus Dual Core Notebooks and CES 2006 News (pics, specs)

Asus Laptops With Built-In Heads Up LCD Display at CES 2006New Asus Dual Core Notebooks for 2006Asus and Lamborghini Team Up to Offer Lamborghini Branded Asus Notebooks

Acer Aspire 3003LCi Review (pics, specs)

The Acer Aspire 3003LCi is a 15-inch screen budget laptop built by Acer, it's part of the Aspire 3000 series. The 3003LCi weighs 6.1 lbs, which can[...]

Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA Review (pics)

With the ambitious Ear Force line of headsets, Turtle Beach aims to provide surround sound to headset users. In this article I will be reviewing the top of the line[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/9/2006 – 1/11/2006

Dell.com Up to $750 Off Inspiron DealGateway NX200S $549Compaq Presario V200Z for $549Amazon.com $200 Rebates on NotebooksDell XPS M140 for $973Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse $40more...

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop with Intel Core Duo Available (pics, specs)

Apple today announced the MacBook Pro 15.4" Intel Core Duo laptop. The MacBook Pro is available for ordering via Apple.com now starting at $1,999 and will start shipping in[...]

HP Pavilion dv1000t

As the most lightweight member of the HP Pavilion notebook PC family, the 5.33 lb. dv1000t with high-definition widescreen is ideal for busy lifestyles, and for taking your digital entertainment[...]

HP Compaq Presario v2000t

The Compaq Presario V2000T combines performance with mobility in an attractive slim design (1.29″ thick, 5.21 lb.). It’s well suited for professionals needing robust computing power on the road. The[...]

Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow – In-Depth (pics)

Windows Vista SideShow is a secondary display that's going to be built into notebooks and Tablet PCs in the second half of this year. The display can be used to[...]

Toshiba Satellite A100

The Satellite A100 platform balances state-of-the-art features with affordability in a sleek notebook design. Perfect for basic computing on the go, the Series includes an Intel Celeron M processor and[...]

HP Compaq Presario v5000z

With a ton of features packed into its 6.6 lb., the Presario V5000Z notebook is a practical, general-purpose mobile PC that’s primed for both productivity and multimedia. Customize your Presario[...]

Dell XPS M2010 – Mobile Concept PC

At this year's CES notebooks with Intel's Core Duo processor stole the show. Dell participated in that release with the Inspiron e1705, but they also were showing off the XPS[...]

College Branded USB Flash Drives Now Available (pics)

What do BYU, Univeristy of Vermont, Texas Tech and Ohio State all have in common? Well, they're all higher education institutions of course. But in addition, these schools[...]

WinBook A700 Series Review (pics, specs)

The WinBook A700 series is a 17" screen notebook powered by an AMD processor. Following is a full review of the Winbook A710 $999 17-inch screen laptop that uses[...]

Apple MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro may give Apple bragging rights to the prettiest and most powerful laptop on the planet. Featuring the new Intel Core 2 Duo and Nvidia 8600 graphics card[...]

Asus V6Va Review (pics, specs)

The V6Va is a midrange laptop from Asus, part of their Ensemble line, which is designed with the happy medium in mind. Midrange laptops attempt to combine much of the[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/12/2005 – 1/14/2005

New Dell Coupon Codes for up to $600 OffToshiba Satellite M45 $700Compaq V2000Z $599HP Lance Armstrong L2105 Turion 64 Notebook $898Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse $40more...

News Bits: Intel Merom Release, Windows on MacBook, Fujitsu 1.8-inch drives, Apple Tablet

Intel's Next Generation Processor Dual Core 64-bit Merom Set for September Release?Apple Says to Windows on MacBook: "That's fine with us. We don't mind."Fujitsu to Make 120GB 1.8-inch Hard[...]

Guide for New Notebook Technologies in 2006

In this article, I'm going to be dealing in hard facts, coupled with a little bit of conjecture and speculation as to the future of mobile computing in 2006. [...]

Apple MacBook Pro Preview and a Value Proposition for Buying It

Apple's announcement of the Intel-based MacBook Pro at last week's Macworld Expo surprised many pundits. Popular wisdom (if you can call it that) on the Apple rumor sites was that[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/16/2005 – 1/18/2005

NEW Dell.com Inspiron Coupon Codes for up to $650 off Updated 1/18/2006HP Pavilion dv400 for $799 with free shipping HP Pavilion dv5000z $599 with free shippingToshiba Satellite L25 for[...]

Acer TravelMate 8204WLMi Review (pics, specs)

The Acer Travelmate 8204 WLMi is a high-end business laptop from Acer, designed with durability and performance in mind with a reasonably light-weight chassis. It has done fairly well in[...]

News Bits: VAIO TX2, Acer #3 in Notebook Shipments, Intel and AMD Q4 Results Contrasting

Sony VAIO TX2 Ultraportable Notebook to Replace VAIO TXAcer Leapfrogs Toshiba for #3 Spot of Notebooks Shipped in Q4 2005Sony Offers $500 Off VAIO Notebooks For Trade-in of DellApple open[...]

BuddhaPad Review

I'm sure most people in corporate America will agree that there's little enlightenment going on within their offices. And when was the last time you truly experienced inner peace while[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X60

The X60 is an ultraportable laptop that will feature the latest Intel mobile processors, the ThinkPad X60 replaces the ThinkPad X32 while the ThinkPad X60s (slim) replaces the Thinkpad X41.[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X60s

The X60s is an ultraportable laptop that will feature the latest Intel mobile processors, the ThinkPad X60 replaces the ThinkPad X32 while the ThinkPad X60s (slim) replaces the Thinkpad X41.[...]

Matrox DualHead2Go Multiple Display Adapter Review

The Matrox DualHead2Go is a palm-sized device that expands the VGA output from your computer to two screens. You can then stretch your display over both screens (up to[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/19/2006 – 1/22/2006

Current Dell.com Inspiron Coupon Codes for up to $650 Off (Expires 1/26) New Dell $500 Off Inspiron coupon code and $400 off Dell 6000HP Pavilion dv400 for $799 with[...]

Prestigio Nobile 1590W / Uniwill 259EA1 Review (pics, specs)

The Prestigio Nobile 1590W is a 15.4" screen notebook available in Europe. It uses the Intel 915GM chipset with a Pentium M processor and has one rather unique feature[...]

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Dell Inspiron 1300

Enjoy solid performance for everyday tasks with the Inspiron 1300. This entry-level system is perfect for anyone needing reliable notebook performance to stay productive and connected. Enjoy e-mail, Web surfing,[...]

Dell Inspiron 1300 Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Inspiron 1300 is a 15.4" widescreen notebook, depending on how you configure it the 1300 can be considered a budget offering or a mainstream type notebook with decent[...]

Dell Inspiron B130 and B120 Review (pics, specs)

The Dell Inspiron B130 is a 15.4" widescreen notebook, depending on how you configure it the B130 can be considered a budget offering or a mainstream type notebook with decent[...]

Playing it Safe with Online Electronics Purchases

Any time you drop a few hundred, or thousand, dollars on a digital camera, PDA, notebook or other computing device online, there's a little uncertainty. Of course buying something from[...]

News Bits: MacBook Speed Exaggerated, WiFi 802.11n, Laptop Undervolting, Alienware Game Site

Apple MacBook Pro and iMac Core Duo Not as Fast As ClaimedHere Comes 802.11n -- Support for up to 600Mbps Wireless Transfer Rates and Greater RangeUndervolting Your Laptop ArticleAlienware Launches[...]

SFBags WaterField Designs Laptop Cozmo Bag Review (pics)

It's strong, it's sleek, it's comfortable to carry, and it comes with so many customizable options, you just might think you're specing out a dream car, building a home, or[...]

Panasonic ToughBook Y4

Sleek. Solid. Superior. With it’s large 14.1″ color LCD, versatile combo drive and built-in durability, the Toughbook Y4 is designed for optimal productivity on the road or in the office.[...]

Compaq Presario v2418AU Review (pics, specs)

The Compaq v2000 is a popular 14-inch widescreen notebook sold around the world. This review of the v2418AU Australian model v2000 comes with the AMD Sempron 3000+ 1.8GHz processor.[...]

News Bits: eMachines Wal Mart Laptop, Sony VAIO F TV, Intel 45nm Processors

Another Wal Mart Laptop (Not $400) - The eMachines W4620 Turion 64 LaptopSony VAIO F TV Series NotebookInterview With Nebosja Novakovic about Intel, AMD and Future Processor TechnologyIntel to Gear[...]

Acer TravelMate 8200

The Acer TravelMate 8200 incorporates the high-end features business pros demand, including Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology. The display is a wide-screen 15.4 with 1680 x 1050 resolution. Stunning visuals[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/23/2006 – 1/25/2006

NEW $750 Off Dell Inspiron Coupon valid 1/26 @ 7:00 8 a.m. ESTCurrent Dell.com Inspiron Coupon Codes for up to $650 Off (Expires 1/26)Amazon has the new Apple MacBook Pro[...]

Limited Edition Olympic Branded ThinkPad in Japan (pics)

The Winter Olympics are coming up in Turino Italy and Lenovo is a sponsor. As such they've released an Olympic rings branded ThinkPad Z60t and Z60m in Japan. [...]

How to Take Great Photos of a Notebook with a Digital Camera (pics)

Whether writing a review for NotebookReview.com or selling a used notebook or product at an online auction site such as eBay, your photos should look their very best. It's easier[...]

Motorola Stereomoto HT-820 Bluetooth Headphones (pics, specs)

Many people nowadays have headsets for their cellphones or for their computers in order to use Skype/VoIP or play online games. I have a headset that I use with my[...]

Notebook and Tech Deals for 1/27/2006 – 1/29/2006

Current Dell.com Inspiron Coupon Codes for up to $750 OffApple MacBook Pro $1,845 at Amazon.comDell e1705 Dual Core Notebook $1,664Acer Aspire 3003WLCi Notebook $549HP dv4000 for $799 After Rebatemore...

News Bits: Intel Napa Power Leaks, 13-inch Intel Widescreen iBooks, Western Digital Scorpio Notebook HD

Microsoft Driver Bug Causing Serious Power Consumption Issues on Intel Core Duo 945 Chipset ("Napa") Notebooks When USB 2.0 Peripherals Attached13-inch Widescreen Apple iBook With Intel Core Solo for Spring?Dell[...]


Work and play go hand-in-hand with the VAIO FE Notebook. The FE combines cutting-edge performance with ample workspace while maintaining a slim, portable design. The fast Intel Core processor and[...]


Configure the SZ notebook to create your own perfect blend of functionality, portability and style. The ultra-slim VAIO SZ notebook delivers an uncompromising blend of intelligent mobile design, cutting-edge performance[...]

Dell Inspiron 710m

Built for the road warrior in sleek arctic silver with satin silver trim and a gray keyboard. Starting at 4.1 lbs.1 with a 12.1″ Wide Screen, the 710m is great[...]

ZyXEL AG-225H Wi-Fi Finder and USB Wireless Adapter Review (pics, specs)

The ZyXEL AG-225H is a rather unique little device in that it is both a Wi-Fi Finder and USB based wireless card adapter. That means you can[...]

Acer TravelMate 4200

The Acer TravelMate 4200 allows you to experience all the benefits of dual-core performance and more at a price you can live with. Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology includes a[...]

Averatec 2100

The 2100 Series’ AMD Turion 64 mobile technology delivers leading-edge CPU performance today, and can run tomorrow’s more advanced 64-bit applications. The professional or student looking for a notebook optimized[...]

Battalion 101 ML-Turbo Laptop Review (pics, specs)

The Battalion 101 ML-Turbo laptop from IBuyPower is a 15.4" screen laptop that offers switching between a dedicated nVidia Go 6600 dedicated graphics card or Intel integrated graphics. The[...]

NotebookReview.com Cafe Press Store Now Open

We've received several inquiries for NotebookReview.com T-Shirts and mugs over the past year or so. As a result, we've set up a Cafe Press store so you can pick up[...]