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Software Review

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 Review

David English

...The package now includes more than 10,000 clipart and digital images, 2,000 high-resolution photos, 1,200 objects, 1,000 OpenType fonts, 600 professionally designed templates, 400 pattern fills, and five hours of training videos. ...Upgrades are $199 from CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, X5, or X6. And as with the Adobe applications, you can purchase CorelDraw via a subscription. ...To see how well CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 would adapt to different screens, we installed it on two notebooks: a four-year-old Lenovo ThinkPad X220 with a 1366x768 pixel display and a new Dell Precision M3800 workstation with a 3200x1800 pixel display. ... Read full article

Software Review

AVG Internet Security Business Edition (2016) Review

Charles P Jefferies

...More and more touch-enabled devices are making their way into the business world, especially tablets like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet and Microsoft Surface Pro 4....It's touch-friendly, which is increasingly important as businesses adopt more touch-enabled devices like tablets.The major downside with this software is that it's expensive. ... Read full article

Software Review

Amazon Video On Demand Review

Jerry Jackson

...Macs: PowerPC G5 1.8GHz or faster or Intel Core Duo 1.33 GHz or faster. Computer Hardware for HD: Most dual-core 2.00GHz Macs and PCs or faster. ...The system requirements for watching off-line using the Unbox Video Player include: Computer Hardware: PCs: 1.5GHz processor or faster, at least 256MB of memory, and a DirectX 9.0 compliant Video (64 MB memory) and Sound Card. ...Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP2, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2, or Windows Vista. ... Read full article

Software Review

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Review: Great for Work and Home

Ed Hardy

...This is driven, of course, by the move to 2-in-1 tablet/notebooks. Microsoft is at the forefront with the Surface Pro and Surface Book, so it's hardly surprising that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes some enhancements for active pen users. ...This requires a tablet with a rear camera, as it's where the virtual object will appear integrated into a live view of the area. ...The new active pen tools are welcome at a time strong sales of 2-in-1s. All that said, there are certainly features for creative people. ... Read full article

Software Review

iOS 11 for iPhone Review

Ed Hardy

...The biggest beneficiaries of this new feature will be iPad users, as they frequently use their tablet as a laptops and so need to work with more files, and more types of files. iOS 11 Notes, Maps, App Store, and Podcasts Just about all of the applications that come bundled on iPhones have been tweaked in iOS 11, but some have received more significant changes. ...Our tests showed that this feature works well enough that it will likely take the place of nearly all third-party iOS software that uses the phone's or tablet's camera to scan a document. ...Apple is hard at work on iOS 11.0.1, which should fix some of the issues that slipped through this summer's extensive beta testing. ... Read full article

Software Review

Skype for Business Review: Freemium and Then Some

Vince Font

...It also comes preinstalled on the Amazon Fire Phone and Nokia X.If you need your Skype number available at all times but don’t want to have to keep the app constantly fired up, you can have calls forwarded to a mobile or landline number. ...This can be purchased in increments of $10 or $25, and you can enable the system to re-run your credit card when your balance falls under $2.Skype numbers backed by a Skype credit balance are also good for placing calls to mobile or landline phones from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the app. ... Read full article

Software Review

Corel PDF Fusion Review

Jacqueline Emigh

...While Corel's PDF Fusion can also fare well at multi-format document conversion, the Windows-based tool truly excels for low-cost creation of personalized documents in PDF, a format easily readable across both PCs and multi-OS smartphones and tablets.Like older tools you might have used before, Fusion is able to take a document from an app that isn't installed on your PC and turn it into a PDF or some other format -- such as DOC or XPS -- that is easily readable. ...I came up with four main scenarios: Scenario #1: Minimizing the number of applications installed on your PC.... Read full article