• Lenovo ThinkPad E450 Review

    Despite the E450’s modest size, this 14-inch laptop features a full HD display and comes in a variety of different configurations. Is the E450 as good as it sounds or do you get what you pay for? READ FULL ARTICLE

  • MAD CATZ RAT Pro X Gaming Mouse E3 Hands-On Preview

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  • HP ZBook 14 G2 Review

    HP's unique ZBook 14 G2 is a workstation Ultrabook featuring the latest Intel Core i7 "Broadwell" processor, AMD FirePro graphics and all-day battery life. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Acer Chromebook 15 Review

    While most Chromebooks aim to be as small and light as possible, the Acer Chromebook 15 delivers a beefy 15.6-inch display with 1080p resolution and packs a CPU good enough to replace a budget Windows laptop as a family PC. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Acer Liquid M220 Review: The $80 Smartphone

At a certain point, a deal is so good that certain sacrifices become acceptable, right? That would at least appear to be Acer’s philosophy with its first US smartphone offering,[...] Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy S6 active Review: Swift, Rugged, & Better than the S6

Call it rugged, call it sporty. Samsung calls it active. Specifically, Samsung dubbed its latest Android handset the Samsung Galaxy S6 active. It’s a tougher version of Samsung’s impressive flagship. Read full article

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Bounce Is the Latest Whiteboard App, One of the Best

If you’ve ever taken part in a collaborative brainstorming session, you know one thing: follow-through is everything. As we’ve come to learn, there’s an app for that. It’s called Bounce[...] Read full article


Razer Mamba Refreshed Hands-On Preview

Just in time for E3 Razer revealed its refreshed line of Mamba gaming mice. Read full article

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50 Million Downloads Later, Google Keep is the Best Note Taking App

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GameSense Feature Heading to SteelSeries Engine 3.4 Update

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Nvidia Shield Android TV E3 Hands-On Preview

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HTC One M9 Review: It’s What’s Inside that Counts

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Microsoft Office Lens: Great for Productivity, New for iOS and Android

Microsoft Office Lens, newly available for Android and iOS, uses OCR to turn snapshots of whiteboards and other documents into searchable and editable Word, PowerPoint or PDF files. Read full article

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LG G4 Review: The Best Cameraphone

The LG G4 has a great display and excellent camera. But then again, so do the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, and every other flagship on the market. So what sets[...] Read full article